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Rolling the dice on vacation, packages, credit cards, and COVID-19 test!  Sounds like something out of a movie, but this is the world that we live in now.  The Doe family, has decided to take a vacation out of the country, they purchase their tickets off the American Airlines website, and receive their e-tickets via their respective email accounts.  The trip is less than 45 days, and upon investigation, there is aren’t any  COVID-19 tests required when leaving the United States to visit Colombia.  So the 45 days goes by rapidly, and the Doe family is prepared to take their 7 day trip to Bogota, Colombia, once they settle into their hotel, and take a trip for site seeing, and visiting various tourists activities, they find out from one of the tourist, who is about to check out that a COVID-19 test is required within 72 hours of departure, and it has to be from an approved American Airlines testing facility.  So the family finds a testing center 15 minutes away from their hotel, and all 5 family members are tested, and one of the family members has a positive test result from the testing facility, so now the family is in panic mood, because all three children start school less than 96 hours from the departure date.  The Doe family decides that, Mrs. Doe will stay back in the hotel in quarantine with their 8 year old son.  What could have been done to prevent this from happening?

1. Find out if the country that you’re visiting requires a COVID-19 test.

2.  Have a credit card with a large enough credit limit so that you can cover your meals, room and any other type of expenses, while you, and your family might be in quarantined in a hotel.

3.  Call 1-800-275-8777 (800-ASK-USPS), if you will be gone for an significant amount of weeks, place your mail on hold, because who wants a porch pirate to steal all of your packages while you, and your family are out of town.

4.  Call your neighbor, and tell them to pick up all of your packages, while you’re out of town, and if you never submitted a hold mail form to take all of your mail that has been sitting in your mailbox, and could attract thieves when they see packages stacked on top of one another.

5.  Have your email readily available, because the testing center will normally send your results to your email, so make sure that your phone is charged, and ready for any type of emergency in the event that your phone  is required.

6.  Notify your job, that you will be in quarantine for the next two weeks, so that when you return, your money will not be compromised.

7.  Stay in touch with your immediate family, and friends.

These are just a few tips that can assist you while your on vacation  with your family, rolling the dice on vacation, packages, credit cards, and COVID-19 test!  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

The baby is sleeping, the package, and the doorbell.  Most couples, when a child is born, will have an indication such as a yard sign with the peacock indicating the child’s name, weight, and date of birth, so when delivery personnel walk up to deliver your package, there is normally a note above the doorbell that says, don’t ring the doorbell, baby sleeping!  If the note isn’t visible, or put on the mailbox, next to the doorbell, don’t be surprised if your doorbell is rung, to indicate  that there is a package at your door that has been left for you.  If you have a newer doorbell, and you don’t want to deal with a loud bell waking up your child, you can adjust the volume of the doorbell, so that your child isn’t awakened, or you can turn off the doorbell, and have the option where you can view the delivery personnel walking up to deliver your package, so that when the driver walks off, you can easily retrieve the package.  Reasons why a driver will not leave a package at your home, the package requires a signature, or it requires that you have to pay cash on delivery, the item contains something valuable, and the shipper requires that you sign for the package to indicate that you have received the item.  What can be done so that your baby can sleep, and not have to worry about being awakened by a loud doorbell, leave a note above the doorbell that says, knock lightly, baby sleeping, if the package requires a signature, leave a notice, and someone from our home will pick up the package.  If a package is left at your residence, and you see the delivery driver outside, and you can meet them before they walk up to your residence, you can save the doorbell from being rang at your home, and your baby can continue sleeping.  If you have dogs, that live inside your home, and they bark when they see the delivery driver walking up to deliver your packages, you might consider putting them in a separate part of your house when the delivery driver walks up to deliver your package, because it’s natural for dogs to bark, they’re warning you that someone is walking up to your home, and if they don’t recognize you, they will bark, so now your baby can’t sleep, but you have your package.  The baby is sleeping, the package, and the doorbell.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

Google Maps, and updating your business address.  This might not initially make sense to the reader, but hopefully by the end of the article, both the reader, and business owner will have an understanding of the process.  Apple & Orange, LLC  has been in business practicing law for over 50 years, their landlord decided to almost triple their rent so the law firm decided that it was time to move to a new location, so after having one month to move out to their new location they decided to finally submit a change of address for their new location, but they never submitted change of address forms for their individual names, and every week almost all of employees at the office received packages from Amazon, Target, and various other shipper’s because they felt that their office was safe for delivery, and if the office was closed on the weekend, deliveries would be made on the following business day.  Apple & Orange, LLC decide to move about 15 minutes from their old location, in a new building that has just been completed for new tenants to move into.  The old building where they previously resided 2525 Blackcherry Blvd., has now been leased out to a plumbing office, Big Dream Plumbing, who have painted the building, and gave their new location a new look.  Almost one year after moving, a client stops into Big Dream Plumbing to meet with what they think is still the law firm of Apple & Orange, LLC, only to find out that the former law office is now a plumbing office, with less than two days before their traffic ticket becoming a warrant the client sees the mailman, who happens to know where the location of the Apple & Orange, LLC , is located, and the client is able to get their traffic ticket resolved.  What could have been done to make this process easier for the law firm of Apple & Orange, LLC?  First they should have filled out their change of address at least two weeks before their departure date, and all employees should have filled out individual change of address forms, because if you continue to order packages, and you don’t update your address credentials online with the merchant that you order from, guess where your package is going to continue to go to, until you fix your address?  The packages will continue to be delivered to your companies old business address, and the new tenant in some cases will write return to sender, or set your package outside, where now you will have to worry about theft, and potential porch pirates.  If you registered your business on Google Maps, your business needs to update their new location, or things like this will continue to happen, old clients might show up at what they think is a law firm, which is now a plumbing office.  Business cards, change them before you move, or clients will still think that your office is still located at 2525 Blackcherry Blvd., and change your business letter head, because the old address where mail is returned to the sender will cause future problems if the court still thinks that the law office hasn’t moved, and could potentially cause issues with court dates, and your clients showing up to important court dates, on time.  Google Maps, and updating your business address.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

The package, the doorbell, and your baby, sounds like something out of a movie, but it’s sometimes the choice that we make that makes a difference.  It’s quite understandable, when a couple has their first child, that they don’t want their doorbell being rung, but with porch piracy at an all time high, maybe turning your doorbell down, so that it doesn’t ring as loud, versus leaving a note that tells the delivery driver to not ring your doorbell can make the difference with a porch pirate walking up to your porch, and running off to a waiting car to steal your package, or packages.  A light ring of your doorbell can make the difference if you open up your door in a timely manner, because normally a porch pirate will wait for the delivery driver to walk back to their vehicle, before they make a move to approach your front door to steal your package.  What are ways that you can help to assist the delivery driver to stop porch piracy?  Leave a sign that says, packages are to be left in this corner, so that the delivery driver will know to leave the packages out of the view of an individual who might be walking down the street, who might be looking for packages that are visible from the street, so remember where you leave the package, can make a difference of  the customer receiving the package that they ordered versus a porch pirate walking off from your house with the gift that you ordered from Amazon.  If you’re expecting a package that is going to arrive at night, make sure that your porch is well lit, because porch pirates, would rather target a house that doesn’t have lights, versus one that has a security camera that could possibly record them in the act of stealing your package.  If you have a neighbor that is trustworthy, and your expecting a package, let them know if you’re at work, or attending a doctor’s appointment for your baby, because with porch pirates roaming the streets, it’s better to have a trustworthy neighbor, who could hold your package, until you make it home, versus a porch pirate, who is waiting to steal your package, if they think that the coast is clear, and they see you depart your residence, and five minutes later, a delivery driver is pulling in front of your house to deliver a package that you ordered three day ago.  The package, the doorbell, and your baby.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

Risking it all to steal a package.  Sounds like a dangerous thing to say, but porch pirates are stealing packages at an all-time high, so much that it seems that security cameras are being ignored, because porch pirates seem to think that they’re off of the grid, or that they can’t be identified.  One of the most dangerous things that can happen is that the owner is at home, and comes outside with a gun to encounter the porch pirate, and the porch pirate ends up getting shot, and the homeowner is later charged with assault with a deadly weapon.  What can be done to cut down on package theft?  If your home has barriers that a package can be hid behind, have a sign that isn’t visible from the street that says, leave all packages behind the barrier.  Although, this will help, delivery drivers have to be onboard with your request, and sometimes a phone call, or meeting the delivery personnel when they walk up to deliver your package can help, when you ask them nicely about where you would like your package left at in the event that you might not be at home.  If your home doesn’t have any barriers to hide a package, buy a plant, or something that can obstruct a porch pirate from being able to see that a package has been left at your residence.  What to look for if you suspect a porch pirate could be in your neighborhood, they’re following the delivery drivers, when they make a stop in an automobile, and once the package is left at your residence, they wait, and if  the resident doesn’t come outside immediately they will grab the package, and go to the next house where a delivery is being made, sometimes they work in teams, there is a driver, a lookout, and the porch pirate who runs, or walks up to the residence to steal the package.  Some porch pirates ride bicycles, so they normally will have a backpack on so that they can steal smaller packages, and most will ride up to your residence, and will drop their bicycle to steal your package, and will place the stolen package into their backpack, and will be on their way like they never stole anything.  A lot of residents post videos on the Nextdoor app that shows the porch piracy taking place so this helps to identify who the porch pirate could be, or sometimes a license plate number can help police assist in catching the porch pirate.  Now that restrictions have been lifted in some parts of the country due to COVID-19 numbers dropping porch piracy will continue to rise, and it will take a collaborative effort of everyone to defend against it.  Risking it all to steal a package.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

Auto-shipment of packages, and moving at the same time.  Before COVID-19 took the world by storm in 2020, people were already shopping more from the comfort of their homes, rather than going into a brick and mortar to shop, the benefits of this included, not having to wait in traffic, finding what you want, and clicking on the item that you want to order from the comfort of your home, and deciding how fast did you want the item to arrive at your home, once you have confirmed that you want to order the item.  Over time, jobs transfer, or maybe you have outgrown your home, and you decide to move from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, California.  So you submit a change of address through the United States Postal Service, and after two weeks your mail begins to arrive at your new apartment that you, and your family are currently residing in, because you haven’t found a home in Los Angeles that is in your price range that you, and your spouse want to buy.  Every two weeks, you have an auto-shipment package that arrives at your residence every two weeks, but you haven’t received it yet, so you decide to call Amazon customer support to find out where is your package.  They look at their system, and tell you that your current address is the address that you previously listed in Dallas, Texas, but you moved to Los Angeles one month ago.  What do you need to do to fix the problem?  You need to go on Amazon.com and update your address credentials to show that you, and your family are now living in Los Angeles, and don’t forget to add your apartment number when you complete the address credentials, because an insufficient address could delay Amazon from delivering your item in a timely manner.  If you have anything that you order auto-shipment it would benefit you to change everything over to your new address, because this is something that the Postal Service can’t fix for your family, you have to update your information online so that you can get your items delivered to the correct address.  Auto-shipment of packages, and moving at the same time.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

Moving away from your home temporarily, how to receive your mail, and packages.  Sometimes, people move to a new city for a fresh start, or a job promotion, and in the process of moving  a couple by the name of Bob Harris, and Sue Doe, have decided to buy a house that needs a lot of tender, love, and repair.  They find a contractor, and sign an agreement for their house at 6345 Woodycreek Lane to be finished, and ready to be moved back into in a 6 month time frame.  Sue decides to fill out a temporary forwarding order through the United States Postal Service, and within one week she starts to receive mail, and packages from 6345 Woodycreek Lane, and Bob Harris, meanwhile hasn’t received any mail, or packages from their house that needs a lot of repairs at the moment.  How can Mr. Harris start receiving his mail at the same address that Sue Doe submitted a temporary forwarding order?  The first thing that, Mr. Harris should do is go to the local post office, and ask for a temporary forwarding order, once the temporary forwarding order is completed, Mr. Harris should anticipate that he should start receiving mail, and packages one week after submitting the temporary forwarding order.  When filling out the temporary forwarding order it’s important to put down the correct dates that the project will be completed, and you’ll be able to receive your mail, and packages on time, without any delays.  What should you do if you’re not receiving any mail at your temporary address?  Go to your home that is being repaired, and check to see if the mailbox is full of mail, or if there are any packages on the ground.  Normally packages left on the ground, can trigger porch pirates that a house might be vacant, and will give them the opportunity to attempt to come back to steal even more, so staying on top of your mail, and packages is very important.  What can you do to prevent mail from being left at your residence that your temporarily away from?  Take the mailbox down, and put it away in a safe place until the contractor has finished the work.  If you have time, go to the local post office, and speak to the letter carrier to let them know that you actually submitted a temporary forwarding order for Doe, and Harris, and then more than likely the letter carrier will flag the address to let other letter carrier’s know that 6345 Woodycreek Lane has a temporary forwarding order for 6 months.  If Doe, and Harris order packages online, they need to go online, and fix their address credentials to ensure that their packages will be re-routed to their temporary address for a 6 month time frame.  Moving away from your home temporarily, how to receive your mail, and packages.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

The importance of the maiden name when dealing with mail, and packages.  In the day, and age that we live in now, everything to go along with the new world of COVID-19, couples are continuing to live together, get married, separate, and divorce, no matter where this might be occurring in the world, it’s still happening.  Sue Doe, recently divorced her husband Bob Doe, and has decided to move from Seattle, Washington, along with their two children, Jack, and Chrystal, who are 10, and 9 years old, while relocating to Houston, Texas she meets a co-worker at her new job, and after one month of dating they decide to get married, so Sue decides to take on her partners last name of Blue.  After living in a 2 bedroom duplex for more than two years, Cindy, and her wife, Sue have decided to buy a new 3 bedroom home in Katy, Texas, so Cindy Blue turns in a change of address for entire family to forward their mail to their new home effective in 3 days.  Who will receive their mail once the family moves to their new home in Katy, Texas?  Cindy Blue, and anyone with the last name of Blue will receive mail at the new address, but Sue, who was formerly wearing the name of Doe along with her two children will have problems receiving their mail, because there wasn’t a family order submitted in the name of Doe, which needs to be done within 10 days of vacating their duplex, because after 10 days, the USPS will return all of their mail to the sender.  There also needs to be another change of address submitted in an individual order in the name of Hubbard, which is Sue’s maiden name, which she uses to order packages from Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and other vendors as well.  Sue receives drop shipments on a weekly basis, so she needs to go online, and update all of her new address credentials to shippers, and merchants, because if she doesn’t do this then her drop shipments will continue to go to her old address in Houston, Texas, instead of her new home in Katy, Texas.  Moving takes planning, and staying up to date on your address can affect not only you, but your children as well.  The importance of the maiden name when dealing with mail, and packages.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

Staying up to date with your business, and google maps,  is extremely important when you decide to move your business to a new location.  The question that is sometimes asked when a business decides to move is why did they decide to move?  There could be several factors such as, the former landlord sold the business, and now the new owners want double the price that the previous owner was charging the tenant, so the law firm of Ham & Bacon decide that they don’t agree with the new price so they decide to look for a new location, and they find a new office building for half the price that they would have been paying at their old location, so they decide to put in a change of address with the Postal Service, and two weeks later they move to their new location.  The law firm of Ham & Bacon owns several different businesses under the umbrella of their  law firm so the letter carrier advises them to submit a change of address for all of their other businesses that they own, because if they don’t submit a change of address then all of their mail will be returned to the sender, and in the process they could miss out on checks from clients, court appearances from the various courts that they represent clients at, licenses for their various restaurants that they own, and manage, and etc., so filling out a change of address will aid in making the moving process smoother for the law firm of Ham & Bacon.  Ten months after they move from  their old  law firm location a client shows up at the old law firm, that now belongs to a luxury builder by the name of Qstruction, and the client walks in wanting to find out about a court date, when the receptionist informs her that the law firm has moved over 10 months ago.  The client frustrated said that the law firm is still showing up on Google Maps at the address of 29210 Green Tomato Blvd., which is now the address of the luxury home builder.  How can this problem be fixed?  The law firm needs to contact Google Maps to inform them that they have moved their law firm to a new location, and update their business credentials, because if they don’t more customers will show up at the old location to try to take care of previous business that they had paid in full to be represented by the law firm of Ham & Bacon.  An accurate phone number also needs to be added to Google Maps as well, so in the event that a customer shows up at the wrong location, they will have a number that they can call that will aid, and assist them in finding the business owner’s new location.  Staying up to date with your business, and google maps can make a difference.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

The power of a phone number on a package.  This might not seem like it means a lot, but it really can make a difference in connecting a customer with an order of pictures that they ordered from a recent family reunion last weekend in Austin, Texas.  The family ordered the prints through Shutterfly, and one of the features of Shutterfly allows the user to put their phone number for entry on the package, and in the case of the Smith family their phone number was entered, but they forgot to update their address, and so the system automatically assumed that they still lived at 2325 Honeydew Drive in Lexington, Kentucky, when the family had actually moved across town, but were in the same city, but just a different zip code.  The letter carrier knew that the family had moved over 2 years ago, so they went the extra mile to call the phone number that was on the Shutterfly package, and Mrs. Smith answered the phone, and the Letter Carrier informed her that they were in possession of prints that she had ordered off of Shutterfly, and instead of returning the package to Shutterfly the Letter Carrier took the initiative to call, and one hour later Mrs. Smith met the Letter Carrier out on the route to pickup her prints from Shutterfly.  Upon meeting Mrs. Smith, the Letter Carrier informed the customer to go onto the Shutterfly website to update her address details so that her future orders from Shutterfly would go to her new address instead of the former address that her family had been gone from for over 2 years.  If the regular Letter Carrier had been on vacation then the package more than likely would have been returned to Shutterfly, but the phone number on the package actually  made a difference, it connected the package to the customer with the Letter Carrier  going the extra mile to make the call.  The power of a phone number on a package.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!