The package, the doorbell, and your baby.

The package, the doorbell, and your baby, sounds like something out of a movie, but it’s sometimes the choice that we make that makes a difference.  It’s quite understandable, when a couple has their first child, that they don’t want their doorbell being rung, but with porch piracy at an all time high, maybe turning your doorbell down, so that it doesn’t ring as loud, versus leaving a note that tells the delivery driver to not ring your doorbell can make the difference with a porch pirate walking up to your porch, and running off to a waiting car to steal your package, or packages.  A light ring of your doorbell can make the difference if you open up your door in a timely manner, because normally a porch pirate will wait for the delivery driver to walk back to their vehicle, before they make a move to approach your front door to steal your package.  What are ways that you can help to assist the delivery driver to stop porch piracy?  Leave a sign that says, packages are to be left in this corner, so that the delivery driver will know to leave the packages out of the view of an individual who might be walking down the street, who might be looking for packages that are visible from the street, so remember where you leave the package, can make a difference of  the customer receiving the package that they ordered versus a porch pirate walking off from your house with the gift that you ordered from Amazon.  If you’re expecting a package that is going to arrive at night, make sure that your porch is well lit, because porch pirates, would rather target a house that doesn’t have lights, versus one that has a security camera that could possibly record them in the act of stealing your package.  If you have a neighbor that is trustworthy, and your expecting a package, let them know if you’re at work, or attending a doctor’s appointment for your baby, because with porch pirates roaming the streets, it’s better to have a trustworthy neighbor, who could hold your package, until you make it home, versus a porch pirate, who is waiting to steal your package, if they think that the coast is clear, and they see you depart your residence, and five minutes later, a delivery driver is pulling in front of your house to deliver a package that you ordered three day ago.  The package, the doorbell, and your baby.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!