Ordering a package online, and disputing a credit card charge.

Ordering a package online, and disputing a credit card charge.  I’m sure that if anyone has ever ordered an item online, every shipment hasn’t been perfect, and you have possibly had to call your credit card company to dispute a charge for an item that you were billed for, but you didn’t receive the package, or merchandise that you ordered.  Here are steps that can aid you in preventing the credit card company, or merchant from billing, or charging you for an item that you didn’t receive.

1. Does the item require a signature?  If you didn’t sign for the item, then how can you be billed, the delivery company can’t forge your signature, or sign for you unless the package has a waiver listed on the box, or there is paperwork that says, waiver of signature.  If the package doesn’t say signature waiver, then someone at your household must be present to sign for the package.

2.  When you receive the credit card bill, and you see the charge, dispute the charge, because you didn’t receive the item that you ordered.  Normally the credit card company will send out a form for you to fill out, and you must explain why you’re disputing the charge, and provide any additional details, such as emails, or the name of the person at the company where the package was stored at for you to pickup the item.

3.  If there was a notice left, and the notice says specifically that you must be present in order to receive the item, hold onto the notice, and provide your credit card company with the number so that the credit card company will see that you never signed for the item, and the third party vendor, must return a refund to your credit card company, who will then credit your account, and send a refund check to your account for the package that you never received.

4.  Open up your mail, especially if it’s from your credit card company who is assisting you in your disputed charge, because you only have 30 days to provide, and respond to your credit card company, or the credit card company will hold you liable for the charges.  If you have paperless billing, be sure to open up, and check your email, because you don’t want to miss the 30 day deadline.

Ordering a package online, and disputing a credit card charge, remember documentation is key, have a wonderful week!  More than just a blog!