The importance of the maiden name when dealing with mail, and packages.

The importance of the maiden name when dealing with mail, and packages.  In the day, and age that we live in now, everything to go along with the new world of COVID-19, couples are continuing to live together, get married, separate, and divorce, no matter where this might be occurring in the world, it’s still happening.  Sue Doe, recently divorced her husband Bob Doe, and has decided to move from Seattle, Washington, along with their two children, Jack, and Chrystal, who are 10, and 9 years old, while relocating to Houston, Texas she meets a co-worker at her new job, and after one month of dating they decide to get married, so Sue decides to take on her partners last name of Blue.  After living in a 2 bedroom duplex for more than two years, Cindy, and her wife, Sue have decided to buy a new 3 bedroom home in Katy, Texas, so Cindy Blue turns in a change of address for entire family to forward their mail to their new home effective in 3 days.  Who will receive their mail once the family moves to their new home in Katy, Texas?  Cindy Blue, and anyone with the last name of Blue will receive mail at the new address, but Sue, who was formerly wearing the name of Doe along with her two children will have problems receiving their mail, because there wasn’t a family order submitted in the name of Doe, which needs to be done within 10 days of vacating their duplex, because after 10 days, the USPS will return all of their mail to the sender.  There also needs to be another change of address submitted in an individual order in the name of Hubbard, which is Sue’s maiden name, which she uses to order packages from Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and other vendors as well.  Sue receives drop shipments on a weekly basis, so she needs to go online, and update all of her new address credentials to shippers, and merchants, because if she doesn’t do this then her drop shipments will continue to go to her old address in Houston, Texas, instead of her new home in Katy, Texas.  Moving takes planning, and staying up to date on your address can affect not only you, but your children as well.  The importance of the maiden name when dealing with mail, and packages.  More than just a blog!