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Paying attention to your doorbell can save your packages from porch pirates.  Normally, when the doorbell is rung, most people if they’re not expecting company, will simply not go to the door to see who the person ringing the doorbell is, they will normally assume that someone is trying to solicit something that they want to sell, when it could be a USPS, FedEx, UPS, Amazon, DHL driver, and etc., trying to notify you that you have a package that has been left at your residence, or it requires a signature to verify that you have received something that is valuable, and the merchant wants to ensure that you have signed for the accountable item.  Normally if you don’t come to the door, and the item requires a signature, the delivery driver will leave a notice for you to pick-up the item the next day, or you can sign the item leaving the driver authorization to leave the item the next day if they’re required to attempt the delivery a second time.  Why don’t people come to the door when the doorbell is rung?

1. They’re watching t.v., and don’t want to answer the door.

2.  They’re not expecting company, and they figure it’s someone trying to solicit, or sell something.

3. They’re talking on the phone, or working on their computer, or could be attending a Zoom meeting, and don’t want to be disturbed.

There are several other factors that could be listed, but often when a package is left, and the package is scanned by the delivery driver, your cellphone is pinged notifying you that an item has been left at your residence, and if you ignore the message, there could be a porch pirate in your neighborhood waiting for the delivery driver to leave so that they can walk up, and grab your package with no issues.  Wearing masks has made porch pirates theft even easier because of COVID-19 most people will assume that they’re being safe, when it’s your package that they want.  Paying attention to your doorbell can save your packages from porch pirates.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

An easy way for your package to get returned to the sender.  What do you mean by that, you might ask, and the answer is quite simple, but there are various ways that your package can get returned to the sender.  If you live in an apartment complex, where there are over 500 residents, and you title the package, as to my son, with no apartment number, then it’s more than likely that no one is going to be able to figure out, who the item is being mailed to, the only exception, might be if you have your name inside of your mailbox, and the sender of the package puts their last name on the package, and the resident, who is receiving the package, tells the carrier that they’re expecting a package from their mom, that might have the title as being only son on the package as the recipient with no apartment number on the package, and the Letter Carrier catches, the package before the item will be returned to the sender.  If you live in an apartment complex, and you decide to cover up, or even remove your apartment number from your door, and the logistics driver can’t find your apartment , and the office will not accept any deliveries inside of the office, then this can cause your package to be returned to the sender, and this could also cause problems with food deliveries as well, because drivers might decide to leave your food at another residents apartment, if they can’t find your door that you have removed the numbers from.  Sometimes property management companies purchase apartment complexes, and they decide to change the numbering system that their residents previously received their mail from so building numbers are changed, as well as apartment numbers without contacting the Postal Service, can contribute to not only getting a residents packages being returned, but mail as well, which can result in late fees, water being turned off, as well as electricity, and a host of other problems.  An easy way for your package to get returned to the sender.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

Leaving a package out in the open.  Why would any delivery employee want to do that?  Despite the overload of the Christmas season, no one should have to endure having a package left out in the open for porch pirates to steal.  If it takes an extra two steps to put the package in a secure location so that it can’t be seen from the street, then take the time out for the customer to do it, treat the package as if you were delivering it  to your very own house, if the package has fragile labeled on it, please don’t toss the package onto the porch, gently place the package on the customer’s porch out of the site of the street, because a package has a better chance of being successfully delivered if it’s hidden from the visibility of people walking by on the sidewalk, versus being left out in the open to attract the interest of a possible porch pirate.  What can a customer do to help so that packages aren’t left out in the open?  Customer’s can have a sign that isn’t visible from the street that could state, leave all packages behind the wall, or behind the flower pot, and normally delivery personnel will comply with what the customer wants, but not always, one must realize that Christmas helpers, or temporary employees don’t always read signs that customer’s leave on their porches.  Have your address visible, so that this can protect your house from a misdelivery, so if you have a reef on your door that shows your address, it could cause a problem especially if it’s late at night, and delivery personnel don’t see your address on the curb leading up to your house, or you don’t have your address visible on your house.  How long does a customer have to receive their package once their doorbell is rang?  Normally during this season, and with the rise in porch piracy, a package can be gone in less than one minute, porch pirates will sometimes ring your doorbell to see if you will actually will come to the door, and sometimes some people think that there are solicitors trying to sell something, when it’s actually a porch pirate waiting to steal your Christmas gifts, so if you see a delivery truck outside of your residence, and your doorbell is rung, normally it could be a package for you, or a package that requires your signature.  Don’t let the grinch, steal your Christmas!  Leaving a package out in the open.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

Domestic disputes can have an impact on your mail, and packages.  Why would the writer say something like that?  Well, if you decide to move out, and you don’t submit a change of address through the United States Postal Service, after 10 days, your mail, and packages will be returned to the sender.  If you don’t have a regular postal carrier, and temporary employees are carrying the route where you formerly lived on a daily basis, until your break-up, and separation occurred, then guess what is going to more than likely happen?  Your mail, and packages will continue to go to the address of your former spouse, until you take action to correct your address, and if there are children involved you have to change their address as well, if you have a different last name than your child, for example if your last name is Jones, and your child has the last name of Smith, and they’re going with you, when you move out, then you must submit a change of address in the name of the child as well, just in case they might receive mail from their school, or their grandparent might decide to send them a  package for Christmas, and depending on the relationship that you might have with your ex spouse, it might not be safe to go back to your former residence to retrieve a package, that’s why it’s important to submit a change of address.

The boomerang, sometimes some couples decide to reconcile, and if this happens, depending on which individual initially moved out, they will need to go to their local post office to cancel their forwarding order so that their mail can be re-routed to their former address where they previously lived at until the domestic dispute occurred.  If you happen to know your letter carrier, it would be wise to inform them that you have moved back into your previous residence, just in case they might be holding your mail at the post office if you never submitted a change of address, and 10 days haven’t passed, and there’s a possibility that your mail, and packages could still be at the station where you receive your mail delivery from.

Keys to receiving your mail, and packages in the event of a domestic dispute.

1.   Spell your name correctly when you fill out the change of address form.

2.  Spell your street name correctly, as well as have your address correct, because if one number is off, it could have an impact on you receiving your mail, and packages in a timely manner.

3.  If you receive items every two weeks via a drop shipment, log into your account, and correct your address credentials.

4.  Maiden name, if you move, and you also receive items in your maiden name, don’t forget to include it on a change of address, because if  you don’t submit one, all of your mail  with your maiden name could potentially be returned to the sender.

5.  If things get so bad leave, your life could depend on it, mail, and packages can be replaced, but the human life can’t be , call the the Postal Service customer service number to hold your mail, or speak to someone in customer service who can assist you with your problems.  (800)275-8777

Domestic disputes can have an impact on your mail, and packages.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog.

If I move will my packages automatically be forwarded to my new address?  The answer to this question is simple, no, you have to submit a change of address, through the United States Postal Service, in order for your mail, and packages to be forwarded.  Normally if you know that you’re going to be moving, it’s wise to give yourself at least 10 days before you move to your new residence to submit your change of address so that there will be no delays with your mail, so that you can avoid late charges on bills that come to your home on a monthly basis.

What about auto-shipping?  If you have items that come to your home every two weeks via Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and etc., you the user have to log into your account to update your address credentials, because if you don’t update your address credentials, items will continue to be shipped to your last address that you entered when you set-up the auto-shipment feature on your online account.

Sometimes relationships don’t always workout, and people decide to move on from that relationship.  A question that is often asked is, if I submitted a change of address, and my mail is being forwarded to my new address, and there has been a breakup, do I need to submit another change of address?  The answer to that question is yes you will need to submit another change of address, if you’re the one who is moving,  because if you don’t your mail, and packages  will continue to go to the current address where you have your mail being forwarded to.  If your letter carrier gives you a change of address, and you never submit it, or you never log onto the Postal Service’s website to submit your change of address online, after 10 days your mail will be returned to the sender, and besides who wants their mail, or packages being delivered to a residence where your ex lives, which in some cases could be a safety issue, for one, or both parties.

Have a safe week, and remember to keep your porch lights on for delivery personnel, they’re working hard, and sometimes working late to deliver your mail, and packages.  If I move will my packages automatically be forwarded to my new address?  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

Using your porch to hide packages can make a difference with a sign.  With the holiday season fast approaching more people than ever will continue to order items off of the internet instead of going into the traditional brick and mortar stores to shop for gifts.  When the Amazon truck, USPS mail truck, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other logistical companies drive up to your house to drop off packages that you have ordered, all personnel tend to leave packages in different locations, having a sign can make a difference such as leave all packages in this corner, normally if a delivery person sees a sign that relates to where a package should be left, they will normally cater to where you want the package left, and the key thing is that if a package is left out in the open it can be stolen, but if the package is left in a secure area where it can’t be seen from the street, then normally you’ll have a better chance of getting your package, when you come home from work.  If you have a large porch, with barriers that can hide a package from the street, then leave a sign that might read, delivery personnel please leave all packages behind this barrier, thank you, and normally if the sign is legible, and in the view of the delivery personnel, they will normally leave the item behind the porch where packages can be safely hidden from the street.

What are some things that can be used to deter porch pirates?  A huge porch, can make a difference, if it has barriers that prevent packages from being seen from the street.  A camera that records when someone steps onto your residence, normally porch pirates don’t want to be seen on camera, and having a camera gives the homeowner a better chance of receiving their package, versus someone who might not have a camera.  A porch light can make a difference especially with the time change that has just occurred, if it’s late, and you haven’t received your package, a porch light can deter porch pirates, because they don’t want to be seen in the light, and if delivery personnel are working late, they will appreciate your porch light being on.  For moving, improving, and everything in between a great resource for everyone is located at porch.com  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

The BoxPal App, can be used to help safeguard against package theft.  According to data from the BoxPal App, more than 36% of Americans have experienced package theft more than once during their lifetime, and that happens to be more people in California, Texas, New York, and Florida combined.  From within the BoxPal App, you can see which one of your neighbors in your neighborhood is available to pickup your package, when you’re not at home within a 15 minute time frame from when your package is dropped off, and they will hold your package until the designated time until you get home from work.  One of the keys to using the BoxPal App, is making sure that you’ll be at home at the designated time, because your neighbor might have plans for the evening, so it’s important not to inconvenience them, because if you need your packages picked up on another day, they could possibly decline picking up your package for you.  If you have an iPhone, or an Android device you can go into the Google Play store to download the BoxPal App.  One of the great things about the BoxPal App is that once you’re registered, and you fulfill your commitment as far as delivering your neighbors package to their residence, then you will receive a payment from within the BoxPal App for your services.  Like anything else it’s important to know your neighbors, and during the times that we’re living in now, it would really be great if the BoxPal App could show the neighbor who will be delivering the package to the recipient of the package, because if a neighbor doesn’t recognize you, chances are they’re not going to open up their door.  If the neighbor doesn’t want to physically see you in person, and you’re bringing the package to their house, it’s important to make sure that they leave the package at the right address, because if food can get misdelivered, a package can be misdelivered as well.  The 15 minute time limit that the BoxPal App allows you to pickup your neighbors package probably wouldn’t be hurt to be changed to 5 minutes, because a porch pirate really needs less than 30 seconds to jump out of their car to run up to a residence to steal a package.  What can help aid the BoxPal App?  A Ring, Google, ADT doorbell camera, and etc., can all help because they help to create integrity amongst neighbors who will be picking up packages using the BoxPal App, because once you’re on camera, you can’t say that you didn’t pickup the package.  The BoxPal App is a great help to aid in the prevention of porch piracy.  Their app can be found on Twitter  @ BoxPal LLC, or online at www.boxpal-app.com as well as the Google Play Store.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

Communication is important when dealing with moving, mail, and packages.  How important, you might ask, it can determine if you receive that important stimulus check that you, and your family have been patiently waiting on, but you, and your family sold your house, and moved out of state more than one month ago, and no one never took out the time to file a change of address.  What are some of the most important things that a family must communicate to a letter carrier?

1. We need a change of address form for two people.  If you don’t want to fill out a change of address form online, you can ask your carrier for the paper version of the change of address.

2.  Some people marry, but the spouse might decide to keep their maiden name, if this is your situation, a change of address must be filled out in both the spouse’s maiden name, as well as the husband’s name so that all mail will be forwarded to the new address.

3.  If you sell your house, and you plan on staying in your house after the real estate sell for 2 more months, it would be nice to communicate with your letter carrier to let them know, so that they will not start forwarding, or sending your mail back, because normally when the real estate sold sign is put in a yard, normally the new resident, or family is moving into your former residence.

4.  Drop shipments, if you don’t update your address when you sell your home, the drop shipment that you receive every two weeks from Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and etc., will continue to be delivered to your former address, until you go online to update your address credentials.

5.  If your name isn’t spelled correctly on a credit card bill, or a package, and you never correct the error, it could have an impact on when you move if you don’t fix the error.  Take out the time to call your credit card company to fix the error, for example, your last name is Whyte, but the credit card company continues sending your billing statements with the last name of White, and you’re taking a business trip in two days, and the credit card comes with your name spelled incorrectly, it could have a direct impact on your trip, communicate, and fix the problem, before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Communication is important when dealing with moving, mail, and packages.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

The art of hiding packages from porch pirates.  It’s a shame that it has come down to this, but porch pirates are getting bolder everyday stealing packages from homes, and apartments at an alarming rate.  What can be done to combat porch piracy?  Here are some tips that can help you, and your family in combatting against porch pirates who park in front of your property to steal your package, or packages, once the delivery driver leaves the package at your residence..

1. If you have a barrier, where your package can be hidden, leave a note for the delivery driver, or post a sign that says, hide all packages behind barriers, so that the package can’t be seen from the street.

2.  Buy, or invest in a security camera, if a porch pirate sees a security doorbell sign, then more than likely they don’t want to be filmed, or caught on camera, a small investment can save you a lot of heartache, over a stolen package.

3.  If you don’t want to invest in a security camera, buy a flowerpot, they’re great barriers if they’re big enough to hide your packages from the street.

4.  Use the comments section on the delivery merchant, so that you can leave a note, such as don’t leave my package out in the open, because if it’s visible it has a greater chance of being stolen.

5.  Communicate with your neighbors, if your neighbor is a retiree, and if they’re at home a lot, ask them to retrieve your package if you’re at work, and have them to hold the item, until you return home from work.

6.  Invest in a parcel locker box, there are several options, but the delivery personnel will need the code to securely place the package into your parcel locker box, that is located at your residence.

There are several other options, but these are a few that could assist you in preventing porch pirates from stealing your packages.   www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!

Ordering a package online, and disputing a credit card charge.  I’m sure that if anyone has ever ordered an item online, every shipment hasn’t been perfect, and you have possibly had to call your credit card company to dispute a charge for an item that you were billed for, but you didn’t receive the package, or merchandise that you ordered.  Here are steps that can aid you in preventing the credit card company, or merchant from billing, or charging you for an item that you didn’t receive.

1. Does the item require a signature?  If you didn’t sign for the item, then how can you be billed, the delivery company can’t forge your signature, or sign for you unless the package has a waiver listed on the box, or there is paperwork that says, waiver of signature.  If the package doesn’t say signature waiver, then someone at your household must be present to sign for the package.

2.  When you receive the credit card bill, and you see the charge, dispute the charge, because you didn’t receive the item that you ordered.  Normally the credit card company will send out a form for you to fill out, and you must explain why you’re disputing the charge, and provide any additional details, such as emails, or the name of the person at the company where the package was stored at for you to pickup the item.

3.  If there was a notice left, and the notice says specifically that you must be present in order to receive the item, hold onto the notice, and provide your credit card company with the number so that the credit card company will see that you never signed for the item, and the third party vendor, must return a refund to your credit card company, who will then credit your account, and send a refund check to your account for the package that you never received.

4.  Open up your mail, especially if it’s from your credit card company who is assisting you in your disputed charge, because you only have 30 days to provide, and respond to your credit card company, or the credit card company will hold you liable for the charges.  If you have paperless billing, be sure to open up, and check your email, because you don’t want to miss the 30 day deadline.

Ordering a package online, and disputing a credit card charge, remember documentation is key, have a wonderful week!  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!