Staying up to date with your business, and google maps.

Staying up to date with your business, and google maps,  is extremely important when you decide to move your business to a new location.  The question that is sometimes asked when a business decides to move is why did they decide to move?  There could be several factors such as, the former landlord sold the business, and now the new owners want double the price that the previous owner was charging the tenant, so the law firm of Ham & Bacon decide that they don’t agree with the new price so they decide to look for a new location, and they find a new office building for half the price that they would have been paying at their old location, so they decide to put in a change of address with the Postal Service, and two weeks later they move to their new location.  The law firm of Ham & Bacon owns several different businesses under the umbrella of their  law firm so the letter carrier advises them to submit a change of address for all of their other businesses that they own, because if they don’t submit a change of address then all of their mail will be returned to the sender, and in the process they could miss out on checks from clients, court appearances from the various courts that they represent clients at, licenses for their various restaurants that they own, and manage, and etc., so filling out a change of address will aid in making the moving process smoother for the law firm of Ham & Bacon.  Ten months after they move from  their old  law firm location a client shows up at the old law firm, that now belongs to a luxury builder by the name of Qstruction, and the client walks in wanting to find out about a court date, when the receptionist informs her that the law firm has moved over 10 months ago.  The client frustrated said that the law firm is still showing up on Google Maps at the address of 29210 Green Tomato Blvd., which is now the address of the luxury home builder.  How can this problem be fixed?  The law firm needs to contact Google Maps to inform them that they have moved their law firm to a new location, and update their business credentials, because if they don’t more customers will show up at the old location to try to take care of previous business that they had paid in full to be represented by the law firm of Ham & Bacon.  An accurate phone number also needs to be added to Google Maps as well, so in the event that a customer shows up at the wrong location, they will have a number that they can call that will aid, and assist them in finding the business owner’s new location.  Staying up to date with your business, and google maps can make a difference.  More than just a blog!