Auto-shipment of packages, and moving at the same time.

Auto-shipment of packages, and moving at the same time.  Before COVID-19 took the world by storm in 2020, people were already shopping more from the comfort of their homes, rather than going into a brick and mortar to shop, the benefits of this included, not having to wait in traffic, finding what you want, and clicking on the item that you want to order from the comfort of your home, and deciding how fast did you want the item to arrive at your home, once you have confirmed that you want to order the item.  Over time, jobs transfer, or maybe you have outgrown your home, and you decide to move from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, California.  So you submit a change of address through the United States Postal Service, and after two weeks your mail begins to arrive at your new apartment that you, and your family are currently residing in, because you haven’t found a home in Los Angeles that is in your price range that you, and your spouse want to buy.  Every two weeks, you have an auto-shipment package that arrives at your residence every two weeks, but you haven’t received it yet, so you decide to call Amazon customer support to find out where is your package.  They look at their system, and tell you that your current address is the address that you previously listed in Dallas, Texas, but you moved to Los Angeles one month ago.  What do you need to do to fix the problem?  You need to go on Amazon.com and update your address credentials to show that you, and your family are now living in Los Angeles, and don’t forget to add your apartment number when you complete the address credentials, because an insufficient address could delay Amazon from delivering your item in a timely manner.  If you have anything that you order auto-shipment it would benefit you to change everything over to your new address, because this is something that the Postal Service can’t fix for your family, you have to update your information online so that you can get your items delivered to the correct address.  Auto-shipment of packages, and moving at the same time.  www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!