Using your porch to hide packages can make a difference with a sign.

Using your porch to hide packages can make a difference with a sign.  With the holiday season fast approaching more people than ever will continue to order items off of the internet instead of going into the traditional brick and mortar stores to shop for gifts.  When the Amazon truck, USPS mail truck, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other logistical companies drive up to your house to drop off packages that you have ordered, all personnel tend to leave packages in different locations, having a sign can make a difference such as leave all packages in this corner, normally if a delivery person sees a sign that relates to where a package should be left, they will normally cater to where you want the package left, and the key thing is that if a package is left out in the open it can be stolen, but if the package is left in a secure area where it can’t be seen from the street, then normally you’ll have a better chance of getting your package, when you come home from work.  If you have a large porch, with barriers that can hide a package from the street, then leave a sign that might read, delivery personnel please leave all packages behind this barrier, thank you, and normally if the sign is legible, and in the view of the delivery personnel, they will normally leave the item behind the porch where packages can be safely hidden from the street.

What are some things that can be used to deter porch pirates?  A huge porch, can make a difference, if it has barriers that prevent packages from being seen from the street.  A camera that records when someone steps onto your residence, normally porch pirates don’t want to be seen on camera, and having a camera gives the homeowner a better chance of receiving their package, versus someone who might not have a camera.  A porch light can make a difference especially with the time change that has just occurred, if it’s late, and you haven’t received your package, a porch light can deter porch pirates, because they don’t want to be seen in the light, and if delivery personnel are working late, they will appreciate your porch light being on.  For moving, improving, and everything in between a great resource for everyone is located at  More than just a blog!