Domestic disputes can have an impact on your mail, and packages.

Domestic disputes can have an impact on your mail, and packages.  Why would the writer say something like that?  Well, if you decide to move out, and you don’t submit a change of address through the United States Postal Service, after 10 days, your mail, and packages will be returned to the sender.  If you don’t have a regular postal carrier, and temporary employees are carrying the route where you formerly lived on a daily basis, until your break-up, and separation occurred, then guess what is going to more than likely happen?  Your mail, and packages will continue to go to the address of your former spouse, until you take action to correct your address, and if there are children involved you have to change their address as well, if you have a different last name than your child, for example if your last name is Jones, and your child has the last name of Smith, and they’re going with you, when you move out, then you must submit a change of address in the name of the child as well, just in case they might receive mail from their school, or their grandparent might decide to send them a  package for Christmas, and depending on the relationship that you might have with your ex spouse, it might not be safe to go back to your former residence to retrieve a package, that’s why it’s important to submit a change of address.

The boomerang, sometimes some couples decide to reconcile, and if this happens, depending on which individual initially moved out, they will need to go to their local post office to cancel their forwarding order so that their mail can be re-routed to their former address where they previously lived at until the domestic dispute occurred.  If you happen to know your letter carrier, it would be wise to inform them that you have moved back into your previous residence, just in case they might be holding your mail at the post office if you never submitted a change of address, and 10 days haven’t passed, and there’s a possibility that your mail, and packages could still be at the station where you receive your mail delivery from.

Keys to receiving your mail, and packages in the event of a domestic dispute.

1.   Spell your name correctly when you fill out the change of address form.

2.  Spell your street name correctly, as well as have your address correct, because if one number is off, it could have an impact on you receiving your mail, and packages in a timely manner.

3.  If you receive items every two weeks via a drop shipment, log into your account, and correct your address credentials.

4.  Maiden name, if you move, and you also receive items in your maiden name, don’t forget to include it on a change of address, because if  you don’t submit one, all of your mail  with your maiden name could potentially be returned to the sender.

5.  If things get so bad leave, your life could depend on it, mail, and packages can be replaced, but the human life can’t be , call the the Postal Service customer service number to hold your mail, or speak to someone in customer service who can assist you with your problems.  (800)275-8777

Domestic disputes can have an impact on your mail, and packages.  More than just a blog.