The BoxPal App, can be used to help safeguard against package theft.

The BoxPal App, can be used to help safeguard against package theft.  According to data from the BoxPal App, more than 36% of Americans have experienced package theft more than once during their lifetime, and that happens to be more people in California, Texas, New York, and Florida combined.  From within the BoxPal App, you can see which one of your neighbors in your neighborhood is available to pickup your package, when you’re not at home within a 15 minute time frame from when your package is dropped off, and they will hold your package until the designated time until you get home from work.  One of the keys to using the BoxPal App, is making sure that you’ll be at home at the designated time, because your neighbor might have plans for the evening, so it’s important not to inconvenience them, because if you need your packages picked up on another day, they could possibly decline picking up your package for you.  If you have an iPhone, or an Android device you can go into the Google Play store to download the BoxPal App.  One of the great things about the BoxPal App is that once you’re registered, and you fulfill your commitment as far as delivering your neighbors package to their residence, then you will receive a payment from within the BoxPal App for your services.  Like anything else it’s important to know your neighbors, and during the times that we’re living in now, it would really be great if the BoxPal App could show the neighbor who will be delivering the package to the recipient of the package, because if a neighbor doesn’t recognize you, chances are they’re not going to open up their door.  If the neighbor doesn’t want to physically see you in person, and you’re bringing the package to their house, it’s important to make sure that they leave the package at the right address, because if food can get misdelivered, a package can be misdelivered as well.  The 15 minute time limit that the BoxPal App allows you to pickup your neighbors package probably wouldn’t be hurt to be changed to 5 minutes, because a porch pirate really needs less than 30 seconds to jump out of their car to run up to a residence to steal a package.  What can help aid the BoxPal App?  A Ring, Google, ADT doorbell camera, and etc., can all help because they help to create integrity amongst neighbors who will be picking up packages using the BoxPal App, because once you’re on camera, you can’t say that you didn’t pickup the package.  The BoxPal App is a great help to aid in the prevention of porch piracy.  Their app can be found on Twitter  @ BoxPal LLC, or online at as well as the Google Play Store.  More than just a blog!