Leaving a package out in the open.

Leaving a package out in the open.  Why would any delivery employee want to do that?  Despite the overload of the Christmas season, no one should have to endure having a package left out in the open for porch pirates to steal.  If it takes an extra two steps to put the package in a secure location so that it can’t be seen from the street, then take the time out for the customer to do it, treat the package as if you were delivering it  to your very own house, if the package has fragile labeled on it, please don’t toss the package onto the porch, gently place the package on the customer’s porch out of the site of the street, because a package has a better chance of being successfully delivered if it’s hidden from the visibility of people walking by on the sidewalk, versus being left out in the open to attract the interest of a possible porch pirate.  What can a customer do to help so that packages aren’t left out in the open?  Customer’s can have a sign that isn’t visible from the street that could state, leave all packages behind the wall, or behind the flower pot, and normally delivery personnel will comply with what the customer wants, but not always, one must realize that Christmas helpers, or temporary employees don’t always read signs that customer’s leave on their porches.  Have your address visible, so that this can protect your house from a misdelivery, so if you have a reef on your door that shows your address, it could cause a problem especially if it’s late at night, and delivery personnel don’t see your address on the curb leading up to your house, or you don’t have your address visible on your house.  How long does a customer have to receive their package once their doorbell is rang?  Normally during this season, and with the rise in porch piracy, a package can be gone in less than one minute, porch pirates will sometimes ring your doorbell to see if you will actually will come to the door, and sometimes some people think that there are solicitors trying to sell something, when it’s actually a porch pirate waiting to steal your Christmas gifts, so if you see a delivery truck outside of your residence, and your doorbell is rung, normally it could be a package for you, or a package that requires your signature.  Don’t let the grinch, steal your Christmas!  Leaving a package out in the open.  More than just a blog!