Having a barrier to hide packages always helps.

Having a barrier to hide packages always helps.  Porch piracy has become an everyday problem across not only America, but across the world.  If a package is left out in the open, in plain site, it has a better chance of being stolen, than being left where the delivery driver left the package, when the delivery was made at your residence.  If your porch has steps, and there isn’t an area where you can hide the package from being seen from the street, a flower pot is a great barrier to shield a package from being seen from the street, if the flower pot is big enough so that the delivery driver can hide the package behind it.  There are items that you can order online that will have an arrow that states that all packages should be left in this corner, so upon delivery of your package, the delivery driver, should make an effort to leave the package out of the site of potential porch pirates, who might be roaming door to door in your neighborhood.

What can be done to help the delivery driver make a safe delivery to your home?   1.  Make sure that your address is visible, this will help the driver feel more comfortable about delivering the package if your house is clearly identified with an address, or you have your address on the curb so that they can match the number with the house.

2.  If you have your name in your mailbox, along with the address of your house, this can help in the event that the package has been rained on, and the letter’s have become hard to read, sometimes this can make a difference.

3.  Taking your address off of your house, or door could lead to a misdelivery, especially if you live in a duplex, and the driver has to play the guessing game to try to figure out which home is yours, so if you want your package, it’s important to have an address that is visible to not only the delivery driver, but Doordash, and other delivery services as well that deliver groceries, and food to your front door.

Having a barrier to hide packages always helps.  More than just a blog!