Communication is important when dealing with moving, mail, and packages.

Communication is important when dealing with moving, mail, and packages.  How important, you might ask, it can determine if you receive that important stimulus check that you, and your family have been patiently waiting on, but you, and your family sold your house, and moved out of state more than one month ago, and no one never took out the time to file a change of address.  What are some of the most important things that a family must communicate to a letter carrier?

1. We need a change of address form for two people.  If you don’t want to fill out a change of address form online, you can ask your carrier for the paper version of the change of address.

2.  Some people marry, but the spouse might decide to keep their maiden name, if this is your situation, a change of address must be filled out in both the spouse’s maiden name, as well as the husband’s name so that all mail will be forwarded to the new address.

3.  If you sell your house, and you plan on staying in your house after the real estate sell for 2 more months, it would be nice to communicate with your letter carrier to let them know, so that they will not start forwarding, or sending your mail back, because normally when the real estate sold sign is put in a yard, normally the new resident, or family is moving into your former residence.

4.  Drop shipments, if you don’t update your address when you sell your home, the drop shipment that you receive every two weeks from Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and etc., will continue to be delivered to your former address, until you go online to update your address credentials.

5.  If your name isn’t spelled correctly on a credit card bill, or a package, and you never correct the error, it could have an impact on when you move if you don’t fix the error.  Take out the time to call your credit card company to fix the error, for example, your last name is Whyte, but the credit card company continues sending your billing statements with the last name of White, and you’re taking a business trip in two days, and the credit card comes with your name spelled incorrectly, it could have a direct impact on your trip, communicate, and fix the problem, before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Communication is important when dealing with moving, mail, and packages.  More than just a blog!