Why do people move?

Why do people move? People move to better their life, maybe where they were staying was a rental, and now they have an opportunity to be a homeowner. Schools play a part in a couple’s choice to move, it could be a five-minute move, but because of the zip code where the couple lives, the opportunity for their child to attend a better school, will require the family to move, because they’ll have to pay extra taxes to for their child to attend the school which is only two blocks up the street from where they live currently. So if you move from one zip code, and your new home has a different zip code, it doesn’t matter, you have to submit a change of address if you want to continue to receive your mail, moving in general if you move, it’s important to update your address, because if you don’t your mail can be returned to the sender, then you have to deal with late fees, that could end up ruining your credit, or your credit score.

If you receive a package, and you notice that your address was wrong, for example you live at 2544 Sweetwater Blvd., and the package that you receive has 2444 Sweetwater Blvd., on it then you have to thank your Mail carrier for figuring out the mistake, but at the same time you need to verify with the website that you ordered the item from to make sure that there wasn’t a keyboard error, or typing mistake on your part, because if you don’t correct the error, and you order from the same merchant again, the item could be sent to 2444 Sweetwater Blvd., versus your correct address at 2544 Sweetwater Blvd., and the next time the item could be returned to the sender if your regular carrier is on vacation. IF you move, make sure that you change, and take the correct steps to receive your mail at your new address. www.iwantmymail.com