Keep your luggage tag up to date!

Keep your luggage tag up to date! Why is this so important? Well your on your way to the airport for a 6a.m., flight from Boston, Massachusetts direct to Los Angeles, California for a business meeting with a potential client. You left your home at 3:30a.m., to give yourself adequate time to arrive at the airport to park, check-in at the kiosk, and then check-in your bags at the American Airlines desk, but you forget to put a luggage tie onto your bags to identify your bags in the event that someone mistakenly grabs your bags at the LAX airport in Los Angeles, California. On your luggage is an old luggage tie from a flight that you took on Southwest Airlines when you flew to Tampa, Florida three years ago. Once you have went through the Homeland Security checkpoint you go to your terminal, and decide to shop for your Wife some yoga pants at, because it’s a Christmas gift.

Once you arrive at the airport in Los Angeles, you realize that someone has grabbed your luggage, and once the individual arrives home they realize that the two bags that they grabbed wasn’t their luggage, so they call the old cell phone number that you changed once you moved back to Boston, Massachusetts three years ago, and the address is invalid as well because the Hernandez family is now residing at the residence that you sold over three years ago. What can possibly save you from disaster? The email address that you left on the luggage tag wasn’t changed, and the individual was able to send you an email to take your bags back to LAX to have them delivered to the Omni hotel where you will be meeting with your client in less than 2 hours.

The moral to the story is keep your luggage tag up to date, because you never know when someone might grab your bags, fill out the luggage tie, along with the email, because some people would rather email than call, but in the event that they might call make sure that your number is valid, and keep your luggage tag up to date!