Names, and numbers matter in the online ordering world!

Names, and numbers matter in the online ordering world. People in this day and age, like to sit in their bedroom, and order items off of the internet instead of going to the grocery store, or shopping mall to retrieve items, it’s the new way of doing business, don’t want to go to the grocery store, you can order your items online on Amazon, and schedule a time for delivery, and someone will pull up in front of your house to drop off all of the items that you ordered from your list. However, if you live in an apartment, and you forget to put your apartment number on your letter, or item that you order online, you could be in a world of trouble, because if it’s the weekend, and the apartment office has closed for the day, and your building has 1000 units, the logistics driver isn’t going to knock on all of the doors to see if you’re the resident who ordered the iPod from the Apple store, you will simply have to call the logistics company who was scheduled to deliver the item the next day depending on the time, or you will have to drive to the location with valid identification to see if you can pickup the item, and normally when you see that there wasn’t an apartment number on the item, then you’ll know why the delivery was delayed, and normally an item of value will require a signature for security purposes to prevent theft, and fraud.

Some people like to use their first name only when ordering an item, and leaving out your last name is going to always be a problem, because if you move your last name is what’s needed on the change of address form to help forward your mail. If you live in an apartment complex where there are 50 people with the first name Greg, then how will they know what apartment that you live in, your last name uniquely identifies who you are. www.iwantmymail.com