New Management has changed the gate code!

New Management has changed the gate code, and the driver can’t deliver mail, or packages. This often occurs when a new owner buys a property that needs a facelift, or they have kicked out several non-paying tenants. If the gate code has changed management needs to not only inform their tenants of the change, but it’s also important to notify logistics personnel of the change if you don’t want a delay in your packages that you have ordered, and have paid for. If there is a key keeper that the Mailman uses to gain access to the mailboxes, and the lock has been changed then the same applies, they must have a new key to be able to enter the property to deliver mail, and packages.

If you’re a new tenant, and you have moved into apartment #104, be sure to put your last name, maiden name, and any last name of anyone who will be residing in the apartment who will be receiving mail, and packages at the apartment, condo, and etc. If you leave the previous residents name in the mailbox, and you wonder why your still receiving their mail, then it’s pretty easy to figure out why, you haven’t put your name inside of the mailbox. Print your name legibly so that the Mailman can clearly see the names of the new residents who are living in your apartment. If your box is broken, notify maintenance to fix the mailbox, because the Mailman will not deliver mail to a broken, or unsecure mailbox.

If you have moved from your previous address, don’t assume that your mail will magically appear at your new address, fill out a change of address form at the Postal Service, and notify your bank, or anyone else that your address has changed. If you need a backup plan, we’re here to help! www.iwantmymail.com