Porch pirate season begins, watch out for your mail, and packages!

Porch pirate season begins, watch out for your mail, and packages. Although, Christmas is only 115 days away, people are beginning to order their favorite items for their favorite online stores. So from now all the way through New Year’s Day, porch pirates will be coming to neighborhoods across the country to see if they can steal your packages without you being at home to catch them. One factor that you should always look for is a car trailing behind a UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon, DHL truck, and etc., if they wait for the driver to drive off, and get out the car, and walk up to the residence, and ring your doorbell, that could be a test to see if you’re going to come to the door, and if you don’t then it’s the opportunity for them to steal your package. What’s the best line of defense to prevent packages theft? Invest in a camera, or an alarm company that provides 24 hour security for your home in the event that you might be out of town, or shopping at the mall for the next 3 hours, if you have the ability to see the activity going on at your home and you can speak to someone walking up to your home, then you can scare off a thief if they hear your voice, they will assume that your at home, and chances are they will not try to steal your package for the fear of being caught on camera, and the police responding to the theft as well. Things that can help you guard against porch pirates are, if you have a neighbor that is retired, and you ask them to watch your home for package deliveries, normally they will pickup your packages until you come home, if your doorbell is rung, answer the door as quickly as possible if you see that it’s a Postal vehicle, or another delivery merchant, it might be a package that requires a signature, if it’s night time, and you notice that your delivery hasn’t been made yet, turn on a light for the delivery driver for safety purposes, and also porch pirates don’t like to be seen in the light, they’d rather operate in the dark. Porch pirate season begins, watch out for your mail, and packages! More than just a blog!