We often move to a new location to start a new life, it could be a new job opportunity, marriage, joining the military, etc. Often when a house is torn down, the new owner, or builder will change the address of the previous address for example 5903 Mason Dr., to 5901 Mason Dr., and this might seem to be fine, but it can cause problems in both residential, and business settings, because if the former occupant puts in a change of address, there could potentially be a delay in mail service with merchants, and individuals who send mail to the former location if the previous number to the address is changed, or in the case of a business, the new business might have the same address of the tenant who is next door, and the new tenant might send back a package, or an important piece of mail, when the old tenant might possibly be next door, but you don’t have an idea that this has occurred. Sometimes when a house builder tears down a house, they might possibly build condos, townhomes, and apartments, but the city is going off of old data, that the location was previously a single family home, that has now turned into a 500 unit luxury flat residence, and then they start getting tenants, and the old address was 14503 Winding Road Dr., and the builder changes the address to 14505 Winding Road Ct., and doesn’t inform the city that this is a new 500 unit luxury flat residence, and the city sends out water bills, to the old address, and the items are returned to the sender, now you have a problem. It’s important for the builder to communicate with the Postal Service, the city, and other logistical merchants if possible, because some individuals don’t know their correct address, and in order to stop confusion, communication is important between all parties, location, communication, can make a difference!