What you write on a letter, or package can attract a porch pirate!

What you write on a letter, or package can attract a porch pirate! What do you mean by this statement? The statement is clear, and concise, when packages, or letters are placed in your mailbox, or left on your porch, a porch pirate, or thief will look for certain words, or a brand name to decide if they want to steal an item, or not, for example, a letter that has the phrase, gift card enclosed will certainly attract a thief, and unfortunately the thief doesn’t necessarily have to be a porch pirate, it could be a delivery employee sadly, but the chances are very slim, normally if a letter is damaged, a letter carrier will have the item put into a plastic envelope that states that the item was damaged in handling. A package that has the sender’s name on it can also attract a thief, such as Apple, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Coach, or any other brand name out there that a porch pirate might consider to be a hot item to steal to resale, or take to a pawn shop to try to collect some fast money. Happy Anniversary, is another catch phrase that could attract a porch pirate if they see a package labeled with this phrase, or don’t open until the day of Christmas is another hot phrase that attracts the attention of a porch pirate. Normally if an item is expensive, the merchant will require a signature, so if the delivery employee leaves a notice that states that you must be present to sign for the item, then you must be present, if the notice states that if you sign, and print your name then the item can be cleared to be left at your address, but this clears the driver in the event that the item is left, and a porch pirate happens to steal it, so you have to be wise in making a decision depending on how valuable the item is to you. Colored envelopes also attract porch pirates, because they automatically assume that the envelope contains something of value inside of it. What you write on a letter, or package can attract a porch pirate! More than just a blog!