A closed business should never have to deal with a left package.

A closed business should never have to deal with a left package. What exactly does this mean for logistics companies who deliver packages to businesses on a daily basis? Sometimes a vendor will leave a message on a package that states, “scan item, and deliver the package!” The common sense approach must kick in when attempting to deliver a package to a business that is closed, because a package that is left by a business that is closed is nothing more that an invitation for a porch pirate to steal the package that is left in broad daylight, also if the weather conditions aren’t favorable it could be an item that is perishable, or an item that has value, for example if it’s something that is left outside of a jewelry store for example, a thief will not care what the outside of the package looks like, all that they’re concerned about is what’s inside of the box that matters to them. If the item states to leave the item, then if the business has a good relationship with their next door business neighbor, and the item doesn’t require a signature, then this could possibly be a safer alternative than leaving the item outside of the door of a closed business. For delivery companies look for factors that make common sense such as, the owner leaves a sign that states closed for the week while on vacation, then your company should use common sense to wait until the following week to redeliver the item, normally the business owner will inform the delivery merchant if something like this will occur, but in the event that they forget to inform your company, look for signs that tell you that the business is currently closed such as closed for the next three days, or new hours opening later, instead of 11a.m., now opening up at 3p.m., this can reduce package theft, and help improve the relationship between logistics companies, and business owners. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!