A return address is better than no address at all!

A return address is better than no address at all! What exactly does this mean? It means exactly what it says, if you mail an envelope to pay a bill, and you forget to include your return address on the envelope, and the bill happens to get wet, and the address gets smeared by the rain, then you have a better chance of getting the mail returned to you so that you can put the bill in another envelope, or you can simply put a label over the address in order to fix it. If you have a relative who lives in Europe, and they have a birthday and, you spend $50 on shipping a package with birthday items, it makes all of the sense in the world to leave a return address in the event that you haven’t communicated with your relative in an extended period of time, because the address that your mailing the item to could be a tear down, meaning that the old home that your relative used to live in is now a 8 plex, meaning that there are now 8 units occupying what was once a single story house, so you want to give yourself an opportunity to recover your package in the event that your relative has moved over 3 years ago. One of the items that normally doesn’t have a return address is normally a post card, or a wedding invitation, but if there’s room on the invitation it’s in your best interest to put a return address on the envelope in the event that your college friend has moved from Rhode Island to Miami. One of the best solutions is to call your friend, or relative before sending, and spending money on shipping when they may no longer live at their last known address, communication is the key, it can save you a lot on money, and heartache on shipping an item where a friend, or relative no longer resides at. A return address is better than no address at all! www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!