How to spot a porch pirate stealing your packages.

How to spot a porch pirate stealing your packages. Sounds like this should be easy to do, but sometimes it can be difficult with some businesses contracting out their delivery services to individuals who use their very own personal vehicles to delivery groceries, packages, and other goods that we simply order from the comfort of our homes, laptops, or smart phones wherever we might be in the world. Normally individuals who are delivering items for Amazon, or any of the other delivery merchants will have on a vest with the company name to identify who they might be contracting for, and if it’s late at night the vest will be reflective for safety purposes, but with this month being November, companies have began hiring temporary, or seasonal employees to help them during the surge in packages that people will be ordering for the upcoming Christmas season. So what exactly do you look for in a porch pirate? Normally they will dressed with sunglasses, and a hat depending on the hour so that they can’t be easily recognized, and they will normally carry a backpack if they’re going door to door in a neighborhood. Most people will ignore a knock as being a solicitor if they’re not expecting company, and if you don’t have camera surveillance the knock is to see if you will come to your door, and if you don’t come within 10 seconds a porch pirate will take it that you’re not at home. If they walk in front of your window trying to look into your home, chances are they could be a porch pirate, because someone visiting you will not exemplify this type of behavior. If you don’t have a camera to record people outside of your home, it might be a good time to invest in one, there are several choices out there, choose wisely. How to spot a porch pirate stealing your packages. More than just a blog.