Voter Registration Cards, sign them, and keep them!

Voter Registration Cards, sign them, and keep them! Many people receive Voter Registration Cards through the mail, and the first thing that they do after signing them is put them back in the outgoing mail, to send them off again, when actually they’re yours to keep because you will need them when you go to the polls to vote for your favorite candidate during the election season. The Voter Registration Card shows what precinct that you live in, it’s used to verify your driver’s license with the information on your Voter Registration Card, and this is why it’s important to keep your information up to date, because if your information doesn’t match between your driver’s license, and your Voter Registration Card then you could get turned away at the poll, and with stories on the news in regards to voting fraud this could raise a red flag, and could cause you problems that you don’t need, or deserve.

If you move, and it doesn’t matter if you change apartments in your apartment complex, you still need to go through the Postal Service to officially change your address, this is the standard when it comes to changing your address, and once you have successfully changed your address, you need to change your Voter Registration Card to match your driver’s license as well, because when it comes to going to the polls to vote, your information must be valid in order to vote for your favorite candidate during this election. When you receive your Voter Registration Card look it over to ensure that there are no mistakes, such as your name being spelled correctly, correct address, as well as your zip code being correct as well, and the most important thing is to sign your Voter Registration Card to make it official. You have the power to make a change, go to the polls, vote, and make a difference!