No name, no mail, the revolving door of the apartment!

No name, no mail, the revolving door of the apartment! Many people look at an apartment as a stepping stone to buying a home in the future, it could be a place of residence after you decide to move out of your parents house after graduating from high school, or for a person who has finished their obligated service in the military, or etc. The key thing to moving into an apartment is finding out where your mailbox is, and making sure that you put a label inside of your box that has your last name, and your apartment number as well. If your last name is Smith for example, it might be wise to put your first name as well, because there could be 5 additional people with the last name of Smith living in the same apartment complex, so you could write Michael Smith on your label with your apartment number in the event that you order an item, and you accidentally forget to include your apartment number on the item, so your name could help the logistics provider uniquely identify who you are with the assistance of the apartment office, a first name could cause problems if you just enter Jason, and you don’t enter a apartment number, and there happens to be 10 other individuals living in the Beltway Green Luxury Apartments with the same name as Jason, then it becomes a guessing game, and more than likely your apartment complex will tell the logistics provider to return the item, unless you have a cell phone number on the box, that could lead to the office to call to identify who you are.
It’s important to read the information at the mail center if the Postal employee leaves a note that says, no name, no mail, so if they’re asking for a name in your mailbox, it’s better to comply rather than have your mail returned, it could be an income tax refund, or a check from your parents to help with your rent, or a birthday card, pay attention to detail. No name, no mail, the revolving door of the apartment! www.iwantmymail.com