Watch your keyboard when ordering packages!

Watch your keyboard when ordering packages! One wrong key on the keyboard could send your package to a different block, or a different city. Today, marks 10 days before Christmas, and a lot of people will be shopping for items online, things to remember when ordering items online, if you have recently moved these are things to watch for, have you changed your address, because if you haven’t then your items that you order on a regular basis will be shipped to your former address, and if you haven’t submitted a change of address, the items will be delivered by, UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Amazon, or any other delivery merchant, in most cases if you have submitted a change of address, only the USPS will have the information regarding your forwarding order, so it’s important to double check your order to make sure that your address is correct, this can also help you to avoid late charges with your credit card company, because if they don’t know that you have moved then more than likely your credit card statement will go to your old address, and if you don’t receive your bill, and you don’t have auto-pay then more than likely your credit card payment will be late, and subject to late charges, if your residential address is 3701 Jolly Rd., adding an apartment number such as #501 could cause problems, because the apartment number is a number that doesn’t exist, and your driver could mark the package as an address that doesn’t exist, unless you have went through the city to have the number established as a garage apartment, and the Postal Service knows about the existence of this number. Misspelling your name by hitting a Q, on the keyboard instead of a W can delay your package in being forwarded, because Wiley is your name, and you accidentally spelled Qiley on your keyboard without correcting the error. Watch your keyboard when ordering packages! It could save you time, and money during the holiday season. More than just a blog!