Put your name in your mailbox!

Put your name in your mailbox sounds like a command, but it really isn’t. This can help you to solve issues in regards to receiving your mail, not receiving the past residents mail, and etc. If you live in an apartment, condo, duplex, college dorm, etc., this can be extremely valuable to you because there is often a more higher turnover, and moving rate in these places of occupancy than there are in residential homes that are being bought instead of being rented. Putting your name in your mailbox is valuable because it lets your logistics carrier, or postal employee know that their is a new occupant in the property, and it helps them to not leave a package for the Johnson family, when the new resident is the Sanchez family, it’s important to note that if there are additional family members living in the residence their last names should also be listed on the label to let delivery employees know that there are new people at the residence and to follow the list of names on the label to deliver packages or items only to the address. Customers often complain that the mailman always leaves mail for different people in their mailbox, when often there isn’t a name indicating that someone new is living at the new residence, there is often a policy that the mailman will leave a sign above the boxes that states if you are a new resident, please leave your last names inside of the mailbox. What can really help this problem if the apartment complex will keep an up to date list of new residents, and if they will also give the new residents a label to put inside of their mailbox, this will help to resolve the issue of getting other customers mail being put into their mailboxes, but remember human error sometimes occurs. It’s your mail, please put your name in your mailbox. Questions or comments feel free to comment, my email is iwantmymail24@gmail.com