A camera could be your best friend!

A camera could be your best friend at your home. This might seem like a bold statement, but a camera doesn’t lie to what happens when you’re away from home, and even if you’re at home. With this being the holiday season, and with all of the shopping that is done online, package theft right now is going to increase, and having a camera installed at your house can aid the police in making an arrest to a suspect walking up to your house, and stealing your package that your hard earned money bought, and paid for. There are several companies out there that offer the service to monitor your home, and one that has recently became really popular is they have the service where you can monitor your surroundings around your home, and you also have an intercom system that you can speak to, and see who is on your porch, another cool feature is you can even monitor your house from work, and speak into the intercom system to whomever might be on your porch as well, this will definitely help to deter a package pirate from attempting to steal your package, because if they hear your voice then they figure that you must be in the house, and more than likely they will leave your house because they don’t want the trouble of getting caught. If you don’t know your neighbor get to know them, they could be just as good as having a camera at your home especially if you travel for a living. If you order something online, and you know that your going to be gone for an extended period of time let them know so that you can tell them to pick up your package from your home, because if a thief sees the exact same package on your porch for a couple of days then they will sense that you’re out of town, and they’ll feel more comfortable to walk on your porch as if they know you to try to steal your package. Happy holidays, and safe shopping!