Moving never stops….

Moving, we all do it at some point in our life, it’s extremely rare for an individual to stay at the same place forever. When we finish high school as individuals we all go in separate directions, some join the military, go to college, get married, or go on our very own individual journey in life, but when we move our mail has to follow us, and taking the necessary steps to make sure that it follows us is something that we must take a responsibility for. The change of address is the standard form for getting the process started through the Postal Service. If you’re moving as an individual it’s important that you fill out the form correctly, because if you make a mistake it could take over one month for the mistake to be corrected. Your name, and address must be correct, so if you do business with a merchant, and they’re not spelling your name correctly it’s very imperative that you notify them to correct the error, because when your mail is forwarded and your name isn’t spelled correctly then your mail will be returned to the merchant, relative, friend, and etc., if your street address isn’t correctly put down, i.e., 5705 Brown Street and you fill the form out as being 5703 Brown Street then you will have a problem getting your mail forwarded to you because of an error, that someone might have mistaken the number 5 for the number 3, human error does occur during this process so it’s important that when you receive your confirmation details to look at them and verify that they’re indeed correct. Individual, family, and business are also important, because if you move as an individual you never want to check off family because you will effect your families mail if you do this. Moving never stops, pay attention to the details when it comes to your mail. Questions or comments feel free to comment on the blog post! Here’s to a great week!