Taxi cab drivers delivering packages in your neighborhood.

Taxi cab drivers delivering packages in your neighborhood, sounds shocking, but it’s beginning to happen a lot more than we think. Recently, my neighbor witnessed a taxi driver trying to find an suite number to a house, the taxi cab driver didn’t realize that the customer had a home based business where they sold high-end items on Ebay, that were shipped from Milan, Italy, as well as Paris, France, and London, England, and that most of their customers were looking to receive items to wear for the upcoming fashion week in Tampa, Florida, they also ship packages to consumers in the Dallas, Texas area, as well as Los Angeles, California, and New York City, New York area where models from various backgrounds will be walking the runway in the upcoming fashion week in Tampa, Florida. The curb outside of 11489 Symphony Drive doesn’t have the address painted so that the taxi cab driver can see the correct address, nor does the house have the number on it so that it can be identified, and the house across the street doesn’t have a number painted on the curb, nor does it have the house number on it as well. How can the cab driver find a solution to his problem?
Luckily the taxi cab driver sees the Mailman delivering mail, and packages in the neighborhood, and asks where 11489 Symphony Drive Suite 100 is located, the Letter Carrier then tells the taxi cab driver that the customer is running a home based business so they use a suite number, and tells the taxi cab driver to look at the last name which is Brown, and when he walks up to the house he should see a rug that has the name Brown on it to further help to identify who is living at the address. If your expecting a delivery, and your tracking the information, and you see that the delivery driver is coming late, try to leave your light on so that they can see your house better, the dangerous thing about using a taxi cab driver is that they don’t have a uniform on that customers identify with, so it’s important to let the customer know that a taxi cab driver will be delivering packages in your neighborhood.