Divorce, it happens…

Marriages don’t always last, and sometimes couples go their separate ways. Mail can sometimes be a problem when people divorce, and sometimes a divorce can make things quite challenging when putting in a order to change your mail to a new address. The mistake that is often made is one of the individuals will put in a change for the entire family, and when this happens all of the mail will be forwarded to the person who puts in the change of address first. The ex-husband, who sometimes will not put in a change will be angry as to why he’s not receiving his bills, or paycheck, and etc. When this happens it’s important that when the house is being sold, that the husband, or the man should put in a individual order, so that his mail will be forwarded to his new address, and the ex- wife needs to put in an change of address order in her maiden name, as well as her spouses last name in order to receive mail, and depending on if they have children old enough to receive mail, they need to receive change of address forms as well to cut out the confusion, and receive their mail at the appropriate address as well. It’s important to note that after 10 days the Postal Service can return all of your mail to the sender if you have moved, and you have failed to submit a change of address form, so it’s very important to take care of submitting this form as soon as possible, even if you’re considering a separation instead of a divorce initially. Here at you have the power to enter your information, and correct it whenever necessary, creating an account is free, and your information is always protected.