Leaving a package out in the open can cause theft!

Leaving a package out in the open can cause theft! Unfortunately in the times that we live in now, people are looking for easy opportunities to take advantage of someone who might not be at home, or they might be even bold enough to try to steal a package while you’re at home, but just not paying attention to the doorbell, thinking that it’s a telemarketer, or someone trying to sell you something that you don’t want to entertain. The delivery driver parks in front of your home, and the driver gets out of the vehicle to deliver an item that you ordered online two days ago, they scan the item as delivered, but they don’t walk onto your porch to deliver the item, they simply throw the item, and it lands into your yard, in plain sight for everyone to see. It’s the holiday season, and porch pirates have been stealing packages at an all-time high, you receive the notification on your smartphone that a delivery has been made to your house, but you’re out of town for the next 2 hours at your child’s soccer game, and when you arrive home, the package is gone. Unfortunately none of your neighbors saw anyone suspicious, and you don’t have a door alarm to capture the activities of anyone walking up into your yard, but the notification that you received from the logistics company shows that the package was left in your yard, so they have to provide you with another order that they send the next day, taking five extra steps to put the package out of sight could have saved the driver from having to make a repeat delivery the next day. What can be done to prevent this from happening? A sign that says all deliveries are to be hidden from the street can make a difference for your home, because in this day, and age, you never know who’s watching your property for an opportunity to steal your package. Leaving a package out in the open can cause theft! www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!