New apartment complex

New construction, new apartment owners, your packages, your mail!

New construction, new apartment owners, your packages, your mail! This might sound cliché, but sometimes when an apartment complex is failing under city code compliance, and residents are reporting problems that aren’t being fixed, then new ownership often takes over in the apartment complex to provide a facelift to the property, such as updating the apartment residences, new floors, updated parking lot, and etc., to put the apartment complex back up to code with the city, and to begin to get new tenants to rent the apartments. What is often forgotten is updating the mailboxes for the tenants, if under the previous apartment management the residents weren’t receiving mail because of the mailboxes not having doors, and when inserting a key to open the boxes, and the mailboxes having the potential to fall out of the wall, thus providing a safety hazard for the letter carrier then if the problem wasn’t fixed after upgrading the apartments, then the new residents will face the same issues regarding their packages, and mail as the previous residents. The best advice to new apartment ownership would be to reach out to the Postal Service to discuss where the new mailboxes should be mounted, and what type so that there’s an understanding between both parties, as well as the apartment numbering system to go along with an updated tenant roster so that names can be added to the boxes to recognize who are the new tenants. Access is also a big key, if the boxes are located inside of the building the Postal carrier needs access to deliver mail, and packages, the UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL driver, and logistical companies need access as well to deliver packages, the term leave at the door in the event that the resident isn’t home might not be good in the event that there’s a history of porch pirate theft. If the gate code has changed from previous ownership then logistical companies will need this as well, because if they can’t enter the premises then more than likely the package will be scanned as having no access. New construction, new apartment owners, your packages, your mail! More than just a blog!