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The matrix of the apartment complex, and the delivery of your packages.

The matrix of the apartment complex, and the delivery of your packages. Let’s face it, all apartment complexes are different in their very own unique special way, but there’s one thing in common amongst all apartment complexes, people occupy them, and people love to shop on the internet from the comfort of their home instead of going to the mall, although people still want the experience of going into the mall, and trying on a sneaker, or in the case of women, trying on a dress to see if it fits right instead of ordering a dress over the internet, and it doesn’t fit right to avoid the hassle of having to send it back in a return envelope. The issue with a lot of apartment complexes when they don’t consult with the Postal Service with their layout is numbers tend to jump around in apartment complexes, and in the case of FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and other logistical carriers, employees don’t have a lot of time going on a scavenger hunt looking for apartment 102, when it should be next door to apartment 101, and apartment 103, but the owner of the apartment complex has apartment 101 next door to apartment 112, also visibility can be a problem with time change, if the numbers on apartments are hard to read during the day, then they will almost be impossible to read at night, and the logistical provider will scan the item as being attempted when you might be at home.
This is a short list of things that can cause problems with a package being delivered to your apartment, you have your door covered up, and your apartment number isn’t visible on your door, so this could cause your package to be misdelivered. Numbers on the doors are hard to read during the day will be almost impossible to see at night, or when a time change occurs, or your apartment complex decides to change the gate code without notifying logistical providers will delay the delivery of your package, because normally the logistics companies will not wait 10 minutes for a car, or truck to come out of the gate to deliver a package, when they might have 250 more deliveries to make, and they’re on a time schedule. The matrix of the apartment complex, and the delivery of your packages.