The corner lot with two addresses.

The corner lot with two addresses. In the real estate world, the corner lot is normally the most sought after lot when people are looking for the most value in their real estate purchase, of course other factors come into play such as the square footage of the house, and having a swimming pool, and other added features. Some people who choose to buy corner lots, will sometimes prefer to use two different addresses, for example if their address is 4400 Greenbury Drive, and the cross street is the 6400 block of Pineberry Street, and the customer has their mailbox on the side of the street parallel with Pineberry Street, and they choose to use the address of 6440 Pineberry Street to receive mail, and packages, then to avoid problems with mail, and packages, it’s in the customers best interest to have both addresses on the curb of the street, because delivery personnel will look at the house, and the curb for identifying signs of where to deliver a package, and if you only have one address that identifies your home, then this could cause your package to not get delivered to your house, because the delivery driver will assume that 6440 Pineberry Street doesn’t exist because there isn’t anything that associates this address with 4400 Greenbury Drive, so it’s the responsibility of the customer to identify their house with markers that both of the addresses are related to the same house, and whenever you decide to sell your home, and you have mail coming for both addresses, it’s your responsibility to put in a change of address for both addresses, because if you leave out one address in favor of the other, then your mail could be returned to the sender, and if you auto-ship items using both addresses, it’s your responsibility to go online, and correct both of these addresses to change them both to your new address, as well as calling your respective credit card companies to inform them that you have moved to a new address. The corner lot with two addresses. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!