It’s Business, it’s personal…

In the new age of the Internet people are beginning to open more home-based businesses around the world. With companies like Ebay, and Amazon, and the emergence of e-commerce people can make an order over the Internet, or sell an item from their home, and print out the shipping label from their computer, and confirm with their preferred logistics company that they have a pickup that needs to be sent out the next day. This level of e-commerce is going to continue to grow because not having to leave your home is appealing to a lot of stay at home Moms who run home based businesses out of their homes, but what happens when you decide to move? Most people seem to think that simply putting in a individual order, or an entire family order will cover their business, but you fail to realize that your business name requires its very own separate change of address that you must fill out in order to receive your mail, or packages. If you fail to update your credit card information with vendors then you risk your items being delivered to your old address, and lets face it everyone isn’t honest, and will not set your item back outside for the Mailman, UPS driver, FedEx driver, and etc., to pickup in the event that there is an error in the delivery, you have to remember that when you have a business, it’s personal, it’s your responsibility to take care of your business, delays could hurt you, and sometimes if there is a problem in a delayed package, or a returned package, the sender on the other end will assume that you’re trying to rip them off, when it was an honest mistake that was made in your moving process. Here at www.iwantmymail.com you can change your address, correct your mistake in real time, your relatives or business associates can do a search if your a registered member, they will not see your address, they will only see your name, and e-mail, or cell phone to contact, and verify that this is indeed you for verification, and business purposes, no matter where you are in the world! Here’s to a great week!