If you don’t check your mail, it can be returned.

If you don’t check your mail, it can be returned. Normally your letter carrier will give you a 10 day grace period to clean out your mailbox if it’s stuffed full of mail. If you live at your residence, and you come home on a daily basis, then you should make it a priority to check your mailbox. Why should you check your mailbox? You order things online, and sometimes a small item that will fit in your mailbox will be left inside of your mailbox in the event that you’re not at home, and also to prevent porch pirates from stealing your item that will fit inside of your mailbox instead of being placed outside for potential theft. If your apartment complex has parcel lockers, the letter carrier will leave the key inside of your mailbox, so if you get a ping on your cellphone notifying you that the item was left inside of a parcel locker, then you should check your box for the key, because the letter carrier will put the key in your box so that it’s visible for you to see, and you have to look at the code on the key to see, which parcel locker that your package is in, and simply insert the key, and turn it, and the door will open for you to receive your package. If you travel a lot, it’s important to put in a hold mail request, because if you’re out of town for 3 weeks on business, then more than likely your box will become full, and mail could be returned to the sender, and ordering items could become a problem as well if your shipper doesn’t know that you travel, and they send the item, and the logistics driver leaves the item at your door, and packages begin to pile up, and after several days, a porch pirate will figure out that you’re not at home, and now you have given them an easy opportunity to steal your packages. If you have a neighbor that you trust, let them know that your going out of town, and to pick up all packages for you, and if you really trust them, leave them your box key to pickup your mail so that your mailbox will not become stuffed with mail, it works even better if you have a relative living in the same apartment complex, get them to check your mail for you. If you don’t check your mail, it can be returned. More than just a blog!