My package was scanned as undeliverable.

My package was scanned as undeliverable! What exactly does this mean? If it was in a residential neighborhood, it could mean that a dog might have possibly been out in your yard, and for the safety of the employee the item wasn’t delivered. The package could have required a signature, and if you’re not at home during the delivery attempt then a notice will be left for you to be able to retrieve the package. Does your apartment complex require a code to get into the building, and the code has been changed so now you don’t have access to the building? There’s a problem with theft at your residence so all packages are to be taken to the apartment office, but the office closes at 5p.m., and so you will have to attempt the package the very next day, these are all reasons why your package could be easily delayed.

The package that you ordered doesn’t have an apartment number on it, so unless your driver knows you then this could easily affect your package being delivered to you, the driver must wait until the next day, if your lucky to connect with your apartment administrative office to see if they can match your last name with your apartment number so that you can receive your item that you have been waiting for. Some individuals will only put their first name on the package so if you’re wondering why the package was returned to the sender, it’s because your apartment complex doesn’t want to waste time looking for Tom, when there are 50 people who have that first name in your apartment complex, they would rather not go thorough the hassle of trying to find out which Tom ordered the product from www.hanes.com without including their last name, and if you have moved, chances are the item will be scanned as being undeliverable, and returned to the sender.