The unidentifable house, with a package.

The unidentifiable house, with a package. What exactly does this mean? Well, you book a vacation, and while on your vacation, you decide to order an item from, and you only put your first name, Chris, on the package, and your address 30214 Coolmint Dr. Colgate, WI 53017. Amazon sends an email to your address notifying you when the item will be delivered, and you receive a ping that the item was left at your address, but when you get home from work, you notice that the item, nor the photo that was sent to your email address isn’t your porch where the item was left. The previous summer you decided to have your house numbers removed from your house, since you don’t live in an, Home Owners Association neighborhood, and your curb doesn’t have your address painted on the outside to identify your house. Amazon, informs you that they will re-deliver your item the next day, but how do you fix this problem from happening in the near future? One of the first things that you should do is put your entire name on a package, this could help a delivery driver recognize if they’re at the right house, or not, because a doormat with Johnson on it will more than likely be for Chris Johnson if you’re at 30214 Coolmint Dr., rather than at 31214 Coolmint Dr., and the doormat says, “did you bring tacos!” The painted curb with the address makes a difference especially when your item is being delivered at night, because if a house doesn’t have numbers on it, one of the first things that a delivery driver will do is to walk out, and look at the curb to see if there’s a number on it to help identify the house that has a package for delivery. Reflective numbers on houses also make difference, so if the number can be seen, you have a better chance for a successful delivery instead of a misdelivered package. The unidentifiable house, with a package. More than just a blog!