Pay attention to your doorbell when it comes to your packages!

Pay attention to your doorbell when it comes to your packages! Why is this statement important, well because porch pirates wait on opportunities for you to not answer your doorbell so that they can steal your package, or packages that you have waited on to be delivered during the Christmas season. How do you combat porch pirates stealing your packages? Have a doorbell that works, if you have a sign around your doorbell that says, doorbell doesn’t work, please knock, then this is an opportunity for them to steal your package, because a doorbell that doesn’t work, can’t alert you to the activity that is occurring outside of your home. If you have a sign that reads, baby asleep please don’t ring the doorbell, then the porch pirate is going to respect your request not to wake up you, or your baby, so that they can walk off with your package in an awaiting car. If a delivery driver from UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL, or a letter carrier from the USPS offers to give you your package while your pulling up into your driveway with the exception being that the package is too big for you to put into your car, then you tell the driver to leave the package on your porch because you have some things to do inside of your house, and you wait 10 minutes to come back outside to retrieve the package then sometimes that’s all the time that a porch pirate needs to steal your package. If you see a car trailing a delivery vehicle it could be that they’re trailing the vehicle to steal you, or your neighbors package, pay attention, and stay alert. If your ring doorbell doesn’t spin, when you walk up, and doesn’t work when it is rung, this is an another opportunity that a porch pirate looks for, because if a ring doorbell can’t record, it can’t catch a porch pirate in action stealing your packages that you have worked hard to bring your family joy during the Christmas holiday season. Pay attention to your doorbell when it comes to your packages, as well as your safety! More than just a blog!