A Real Estate Agent can be your bestfriend in the moving process.

A Real Estate Agent can be your bestfriend in the moving process. This might sound like a crazy statement, but it really makes sense. You have decided that after 35 years that you have decided to sell your house, and move out of state to move closer to your immediate family. In the process one of the first things that your letter carrier will notice is the real estate sign that goes up in your yard, indicating that a move is about to take place when an offer is made on your property, and the buyer meets all of the financial qualifications to buy the property, and close on the property. Normally your letter carrier will ask you, when are you planning on moving, and do you need a change of address form, or do you want to complete the process online at www.usps.com? In the digital age that we now live in most of the younger generation will say that they will complete the process online, but most of the older generation, or greatest generation will ask for the form to fill out, and they will leave the form the next day for the letter carrier to retrieve, and submit the form for them, but sometimes in the process of moving we tend to get busy, forget the form that we were given, and move out of state,and after a couple of weeks, the letter carrier will notice that the grass hasn’t been cut like normal, and mail is starting to pile up in the mailbox, and packages are being left by Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and DHL, and etc., so knowing that this isn’t normal the letter carrier decides to call the real estate agent whose sign is listed with the agent’s name, and the real estate company that they’re representing, and so the realtor gets in touch with their client, and one week later a notification is sent to the letter carrier indicating that the former resident, Ms. Norma Doe has submitted a change of address for her entire family, and now she’ll be able to receive her mail at her new address. Normally after 10 days your letter carrier will return your mail to sender if you haven’t submitted a change of address, sometimes special circumstances will allow for the letter carrier to hold it longer such as they personally know you, and you tell them that you will be out of town for three weeks, and you submit a hold request. A Real Estate Agent can be your bestfriend in the moving process. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!