Home Alone…

Everyone loves to take a vacation from time to time. During spring break most families take a vacation, go on a cruise, go to an amusement park, and etc. In todays smart phone craze we tend to want to order things online, and have them sent to our homes while we’re on vacation, but what happens when the package is dropped on the porch, and left home alone, and there’s no relatives there to pick it up? In today’s world of ordering packages online thieves often look for signs when it comes to items being dropped of at our homes. Are there any cars there, what time do you normally get home from work, do you have a security camera, are your neighbors home, and are they outside, can they walk up on your porch, and ring the doorbell to see if you’re at home? Is there a car, or truck that is following the USPS driver, UPS driver, FedEx driver, DHL driver, Amazon driver, and etc., if this is happening chances are the individual or persons following the vehicles are often up to no good, and looking for the opportunity to steal your items. If you live in a neighborhood get to know your neighbors, some neighborhoods have a neighborhood watch association, and they have someone that drives the neighborhood looking for suspicious activity. Let your neighbor know that you’re expecting a package, and if they see it being dropped off, ask them to get the item, and to hold it for you until you return from vacation, or home from work for the day. Most logistics carriers will now email you when your order has been delivered so technology will continue to improve, but thieves will always look for opportunities to steal packages looking for something that they feel will be valuable. Remember, your package doesn’t have to be home alone, someone can be there to pick it up in the event that you’re gone.