Spelling makes a difference…

Spelling really does make a difference when it comes to your mail. If you misspell your name, or if a merchant doesn’t correctly spell your name correctly when you have moved, it can really be a nightmare when you’re trying to receive your mail, it could be an income tax check, college transcripts that you have been waiting for, separation pay from the military, and your name is spelled incorrectly, or the street that you lived on formerly isn’t spelled correctly, then you wonder why you haven’t received what you have ordered on Amazon, Ebay, etc., and the answer is quite simple, a letter was left off of your name, and now that forwarding order that you submitted is giving you nightmares. An example is John Gibson 175 Story Lane Jacksonville, TX 75766, and you place an order on and the merchant enters your address as: John Gipson 175 Story Lane Jacksonville, TX 75766, it looks like almost right, but Gibson, isn’t the same as Gipson, so now you have a problem, when you’re mail needs to be forwarded, if your letter carrier doesn’t fix the spelling error, then more than likely the item will be returned to the sender once they attempt it and the item comes back as not having a good forwarding order, but normally if your carrier knows you they can catch, and correct the mistake, unfortunately other logistical companies don’t always get to know their customers on a personal basis, because the Postal Service delivers mail, Monday-Saturday, and Amazon packages on Sundays, so they tend to see their customers more often than once a week, or whenever the logistical company of choice is delivering an item that you ordered. Human error also plays a huge factor, so if your handwriting is hard to read, it’s probably better for you to print in a legible manner so that you can receive your item if you have moved, or if you’re the new resident. Updating your information no matter where you are in the world can be done here at if you make a mistake you can also change it in real time at no cost.