Suite Numbers…

Often when businesses move into shopping centers they often go by suite numbers, so often they go by suite A, B, C, D, E, or etc. So often when a business orders something for their business they will sometimes just put down the address instead of their suite number, and wonder why their item has been returned to the sender. Putting down one incorrect number can also also cause problems because UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other logistics companies go by the exact number, and if your business isn’t labeled then the item will more than likely be returned to the sender.

It’s also important to note that when businesses ship items to vendors they will often send items, and not put down their suite number as being part of their address, and then they wonder why they have trouble getting their merchandise back if there is a conflict with the vendor in the case of an item being returned to the sender. Other problems that can arise are the business doesn’t put an address at all on the item, and the address that they send the item to is an address that doesn’t exist, or it could be a house that is vacant, if this happens, and there is no return address then the item is considered to be dead mail, and the item is sent to the dead mail section of the Postal Service in Atlanta, Georgia if the item was mailed through the Postal Service. So it’s imperative for a business to always list their correct suite numbers on their items that they’re mailing, and in the case of a business moving to also put down their correct address, because if one number is off, or a suite number is left off, there can be problems with your mail.