Credit card statements that look like bank statements, beware!

Credit card statements that look like bank statements, beware! Normally when we order items online, we can track our items from the moment that you place your order to the day that you receive the shipping credentials for the package that you’re about to receive in less than 3 business days, and if you use Paypal as a merchant you have the option of linking your bank account to have the ability to pay for your item when you purchase it, or you can pay with your credit card if you have it linked to your Paypal account as well. Some people don’t like having their banking information on websites that can be hacked, or compromised, so they’ll often choose to pay for items that they purchase with their credit card, because in the event that your credit card is stolen, you can call, and have your account cancelled, and a new credit card will often be sent to you within 3 business days of when the incident occurred. Normally where you bank most businesses will offer clients the ability to have a credit card, and some of their credit card statements that they send out, look exactly like banking statements, some people lay their mail to the side, and forget to look at it, and before you know it, one month has passed by, and another credit card statement has arrived at your home, and a $40 late fee has been accessed to your account, so you call the bank and argue that you only received a bank statement, and they ask you did you receive mail from them the previous month, and you open up the mail that has Bank of America on it, and you see credit card statement for 1 June – 30 June, so you’re now stuck with an APR that could increase to 29.99%, because you missed a credit card payment. How do you fix this problem? Some people receive paperless statements, but if you ignore your emails, you’re still in the same boat, it would be wise to open up your mail, and verify to see if it’s a bank account statement, or a credit card statement, and if it’s a credit card statement write the date that it’s due on the outside of the envelope so that you don’t miss the due date, and you will not have to worry about paying late fees. Credit card statements that look like bank statements, beware! More than just a blog!