Always ask for a receipt, when using your debt, bank, or credit card.

Always ask for a receipt, when using your debt, bank, or credit card. The reader might ask the question why should I ask for a receipt, when I have already been told what the charges are? It’s simple integrity, everyone isn’t always honest when it comes to their business being cashless, so by the customer not asking for a receipt it could be a chance for you to be deceived by the person ringing up your order of food that should cost you $12.65, when the cashier asks the question do you want a receipt for your order, and you say no. Two days later after using your bank card you receive an alert on your email that you fail to check from your bank that states that your bank account was charged $12012.65 at the Chicken Shack, and that you left a tip for $12,000 to the cashier, but the problem is that you were on vacation in Miami, Florida, and you live in Los Angeles, California, so now you have to call your bank to dispute the fraudulent charge, when they ask you if you requested a receipt, and on the digital receipt that was sent to your bank, the copy states that all sales are final, so now your bank will have to contact the Chicken Shack to get the fraudulent charges removed from your bank card, and also they’ll have to stop checks that you might have written from bouncing into your checking account so now you might have to possibly wait until your account has been unfrozen so that you will be able to live, and make further transactions in the world that is becoming more cashless than it has ever been. The next time that you, or someone in your family is shopping, and you make a transaction that requires you to use your debt, bank, or credit card, always ask for a receipt, so that you can catch the error before your account is overcharged, or someone behind the cash register chooses to give themselves a $20.00 tip on your card hoping that you will not ask for a receipt. Remember, always ask for a receipt, when using your debt, bank, or credit card. More than just a blog!