Moving to Mars, in 2030, can we receive our mail, and packages once we move?

Moving to Mars, in 2030, can we receive our mail, and packages once we move? That’s a very good question, the jury is still out on that one! The plan that Space X has is for Mars to be colonized with about 80,000 citizens, and I’m sure that mail, and packages are going to be a very big topic once, and if people actually start to colonize Mars. What will be the currency? Will it be bitcoin, or any other electronic currency that are now hot commodities to own right now, or will a currency be developed on Mars? I guess that we’ll have to wait, and see, but I’m sure that someone is working on plans as we speak, on how Mars will be established, and ran, once humans have the ability to safely live on Mars. Will there be a Post Office on Mars, and how will the new residents be able to receive their mail, and packages? Blue Origin, which is founded by Jeff Bezos, who also is the founder of Amazon will more than likely be delivering Amazon products to Mars, and also bringing mail as well, if his company can successfully travel to, and land on Mars on a consistent, and safe basis. The list of products that people will order will be enormous, but then the question is asked, how will residents make money to purchase these items, unless everyone on planet Mars is wealthy, but then how will work get accomplished, as far as hard labor jobs if everyone is wealthy? I’m sure that brilliant minds are working on these solutions, but in the event that you decide to make the move to Mars, you can use the special instructions tab on to inform your family, and friends that you have decided to leave planet Earth, and in the event you need to make changes, and you have a change of heart, and you want to return to Earth, you can update your information no matter where you might be in this world, as long as you have an internet connection. Earth to Mars, we’re here for you at More than just a blog!”
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