A label in your mailbox can go a long way!

A label in your mailbox can go a long way! What exactly does this mean? Having a label in your mailbox can help delivery personnel know who actually resides at your house. If you move into a house, and the previous owner never submitted a change of address through the Postal Service, then you could continue to receive their mail, unless you put a label in your mailbox with your last name inside of your mailbox, you don’t have to put your first name, all you need to put is your last name, for example: Smith, and if you happen to be married, you might want to include your spouses maiden name, in the event that her college alumni magazine might send her newsletter in the name of her maiden name, which could be Gregory for example.

If you own a business, and you have mail coming to your address with your business name, it would be highly recommended that you include your business name as well, because if your business is called Mars Properties, and inside of your mailbox you have Wilson only, and maybe a check comes in your business name, and the USPS delivery person sees this, and they’re not your regular carrier, your mail could possibly get sent back, or it could be delayed for one to two weeks depending on how long your regular letter carrier is on vacation.

Why don’t people like to have labels in their mailbox? It could possibly be because of privacy issues, but if you receive mail at your home, having a label inside of your mailbox helps to ease the hassle of receiving the previous residents mail, unless your moving into a new development, and all of the houses are new along with the new streets, but it helps to have a name inside of a box. A label in your mailbox can go a long way.