Disconnecting your doorbell, could turn out to be a problem for your packages.  Why do people buy a doorbell, only to disconnect it?  One of the biggest reasons that people might disconnect their doorbell could be because they might have a newborn baby, and a ringing doorbell, could turn a sleeping baby into a cranky baby in a matter of seconds with a doorbell that is being rung to notify the homeowners that a package has been left by your letter carrier at 10:50a.m., behind the flower pot on your porch, hiding it from the eyes of a potential porch pirate.  What are some of the pro’s, and con’s of leaving your doorbell disconnected, we’ll start with the pro’s first:

1.  A sleeping baby, is a happy baby, and constantly ringing a doorbell throughout the day, will have an effect on your sleep at night.

2.  More professionals are working from home, so getting up to go downstairs to answer a doorbell, during a critical team meeting , would probably be considered  a problem with your team leader, when you’re being paid to work from home.

3.  A doorbell ringing throughout the day could be considered unprofessional if your call is tied in with other team members and they can hear the audio from your conversations, mute your microphone , unless called on by the team leader.

Con’s:  1.  A porch pirate can walk up on your porch, and steal three packages that Amazon has left at your house.

2.  Turning off your camera doesn’t allow you to see activity that your camera could capture during the day, while a porch pirate walks up, and sees packages that have been left by your delivery merchant.

3.  Having your camera on could capture porch piracy, while turning your camera off could let them walk away with your package with no identity, of who they are when they walk up, and steal your packages, and also your food that you ordered from DoorDash.

What can you do to prevent porch piracy in your apartment complex, condos,  your place of business, and your home?

  1.  Make sure that your camera covers the entire porch, or area where packages are left.
  2.   If you have children, you can adjust the volume to your ring camera, so that when the doorbell is rung, there is very little noise, so that your baby, continue to sleep.
  3.   Some deliveries are made at night, so make sure that you leave a light on, to help the delivery merchant with safety, and also the delivery of your package in a safe area.

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Taking care of your relatives mail, and affairs, when they transition.  This is a subject that probably many of us don’t want to talk about, but it has to be discussed.  Most of the time, we expect our older relatives, to have a will, or a trust, that lays out how they might want their property to be split up amongst family members, but more than often we witness that our relative didn’t have a will, and the house that they were renting before they transitioned, has an owner that is ready to clean up their property so that they can move the next tenant into their property to start collecting rent checks from the new tenant.  If your relative lived in the house before they transitioned, it’s the responsibility of the family to meet with the owner of the property so that they can move the deceased relatives belongings out of the rental property.  While taking out the time to do this it’s important to put in a change of address for the deceased relative so that important mail can be forwarded to a good mailing address, also check to see if your relative might of had a safe deposit box that might contain a will, or other important things such as burial insurance, as well as a burial plot.  If they had credit cards, it’s important to cancel all of them, and notify the credit card companies that your relative is now deceased.  Unfortunately fraud sometimes occurs when our loved ones transition because some relatives figure that their relative can’t question them about a shopping spree if they’re no longer here, but fraud is fraud, and if your caught making fraudulent charges you could face jail time  if you are caught, and prosecuted by a court.  It’s also important to make sure to cancel any recurring deliveries that might come from Amazon, or any other delivery merchant.  Taking care of your relatives mail, and affairs, when they transition, can make a difference if done right, and in a timely manner.   www.iwantmymail.com  More than just a blog!