Drone delivery, is it safe from porch pirates?

Drone delivery, is it safe from porch pirates?  By now there’s no secret that has been testing drone delivery in different parts of the country.

In Texas, the College Station area, is one of the test sites for the drone delivery program.  The service, which could be a game changer in the delivery industry, states

that when you place your order, within one hour of ordering your item, the drone will deliver your package to your home of record, that you previously ordered, your

products from.  This is great, especially if you have ran out of medication, and you don’t have to leave your home to receive your medication.  There are both positives, and

negatives to drone delivery, and we will discuss both topics, as we move forward to attempt to better drone delivery for customers.  We’ll discuss the positives first.

  1.  If you don’t have a car, drone delivery can save the customer from having to use the transportation system, and can stay at home, and wait for the package to be delivered.
  2.  Being at home can help to prevent porch pirates from stealing your packages.
  3.  If you have a window of time when your package is to be delivered chances are you will wait at home instead of leaving.
  4. Negatives:  If you enter the wrong address in your account, and you don’t fix the mistake the drone will deliver your item according to the address that you entered.
  5.  The drone drops your item in the middle of your yard, and a porch pirate is watching, this makes theft even easier, because the porch pirate doesn’t have to walk up on your porch.
  6.   Your house doesn’t have an address on it, so more than likely the drone will drop the package off at what it feels is the closest address to what has been loaded into its memory for delivery.
  7. Bad weather, sometimes moisture makes an address unreadable, so what if the drone can no longer read the address?  Does it go back to where it was launched?

Like anything else that is new, there will be situations, and consequences that can, and will affect delivery, the key is to learn from mistakes, and improve the drone

delivery program.  Things that we can do as a customer are, update your account if you move, it doesn’t matter if you move in the same apartment complex, update

your account to prevent delays, and package theft.  Make sure that you have numbers that identify your address where you live.  Is your curb painted with your address, outside

of your house?  This can make a difference between a successful delivery, or a misdelivered package.

Drone delivery, is it safe from porch pirates?  This remains to be seen, but every delivery is different, and I’m almost certain that this will be a hot item for scammers, and

porch pirates.  If a delivery from a drone is made at your house, don’t assume that you can watch your television for 5 minutes before you go outside to pickup your package,

because in less than 30 seconds, your package can be gone.  More than just a blog!